Is Luv and Kiwi Ending?

I'm hitting a road block...the first of its kind since I started this blog in 2005. I just don't know if there's much purpose in hashing out brain farts every day like I used to. Life has been the same day for years and it's starting to break me down. It's like my own personal Ground Hog's Day hell. Except I haven't reached that point where I start to improve each piano saving the mayor from choking.

Something just clicked. I woke up last Friday wondering if anyone gets any kind of something out of these posts...and I couldn't think of one so I just stopped coming up with blog topics.

Maybe it's a rut. Don't know, but until something new springs up in my life that has me inspired I'm thinking this rut will last a bit.

To be continued...


  1. What the what? No don't leave me! You have been my US connection and really kept me going the first six months I was here. I could wake up and read your posts. I'll be very sad if you take a sabbatical, but I'll understand if you do, I'll just be sad :(

  2. Let us pray then for some frickin opportunity to come knocking at my door!

    Mama needs a bone!

  3. Hmmmm.... you inspired me to start blogging!! and.. and.. I admire you for always making the time to blog every day. I will be sad too but I don't see this rut lasting very long.

  4. OK so I am late but I do come to read all that you post! I enjoy hearing your funny post, and reviews of movies (cause I never get out of the house) and seeing the pics you take at the cool places you go and while that may not be enough to make you want to keep writing, just know that there are some of us out in the world that do enjoy your post and would miss them if they disappeared for good! :)


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