Friends are coming out of the wood work!!!

I swear I'm in the middle of a major learning curve. The first lesson: learning how to be comfortable with solitude. Some of the most profound thoughts, word and actions have sprung from peoples' quiet times...who says I can't poop something fantastic out from this time! I'm using this time to make some lemonade...searching for the Tish equivalent of War and Peace.

Lesson two isn't as tricky as the first. It involves reaching out to friends for help. When Jersey first left I was a mess. I watched him from my window getting in his taxi...heart just breaking all over the place and thought to myself how cruel and unfair life seems to be. It was during that particular pity party that I reached out to my facebook world and asked for some friendship. Now that I've learned how to ask for help successfully I have to accept the offers successfully. I've had a good chat night. Brigid came over yesterday with the BBC Sherlock Season 2 in tow. This weekend I'm going to the beach, Cinespia and a couple of BBQs. I will not be bored in the least. I will have plenty of time to talk to real human beings.

Thank GOD I've managed to surround myself with good people! J was so right...she has this knack for putting everything in perspective and finding good lessons in salty situations so thank GOD for her, too! And Twinkie!!! She has managed to keep me pretty darn entertained with great text stories.

Ladies, choose creative friends. If they can write, tell a story, draw a picture...STALK THEM UNTIL THEY BOW! Make them be your friend because they will make things all better like Mama's booboo kiss; I swear.


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