The Five-Year Engagement

5.03.2012 I have something to write...yeah...STILL on the fence about this darn site, though. It's that lovely proverbial question all over again: if a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around does it make a noise? Does a random blog make a noise? Not sure...but until it finds a purpose, my posts could be sparse. My buds who I force at gunpoint to read have said it's not just about acting (thanks J) and gives people some entertainment, but you have to know when I'm writing this I have no idea who my audience is...I'm just writing basically to Jersey's butt. Like his sleeping butt...which means I get no response. I never have conversations with folks about the stuff I write about so it makes sense to envision a non-talking butt and after years of talking to a non-talking butt you start to wonder if you're crazy...and then you get bored. Interaction is fun! Any who,that's why I'm getting wonky with writing lately.

That being said here's my latest brain fart--a review on The Five-Year Engagement:

This is how the first five minutes of the movie went down: They started with the proposal which led to a story about their cute meet which led to anniversary talk.

I sat there thinking about anniversaries and my lack of celebratory dates...Jersey and I chuckled and then dropped hands.

(We chuckled because we'll never know when our official meet cute was or when it could be celebrated!!! Uncomfortable bite of reality)

Then the movie (that I can't destroy from the above description) started.

The flick started out as that movie you don't go see if you're dating and on a path to getting married. I laughed at all of the obscenely awkward moments that make you thank your lucky stars you haven't gone and gotten hitched....but then they play Van Morrison and you start to soften a bit (while your guy sweats even more and adjusts his collar.) In a nutshell, it's the perfect romantic comedy if you want your significant other to shit his pants.

It was honest and hard at times, funny in others and utterly painful, too.

Couples walked out somber, but ya know what?! Those are just the kinds of flicks I enjoy the most. They take our expectations out of the clouds and smack 'em around a bit. They check us gangsta-style...they make sure we're not caught up in the hype of a love story we want to play over and over again in our heads:

"We met this way, he proposed this way, we married and now we're happy ever after...Yes, we officially changed our names to happy ever after."

Emily Blunt was just how I love her...English, adorable and fresh. Jason was Jason--big adorable teddy bear we've all come to love.

He helped write the darn thing so he got even more adorable points. Mindy Kaling made an appearance as well as one of my favorite Brits (because he takes on the most brilliant roles) Rhys Ifans. I mean he went from Notting Hill to Little Nicky to Vanity Fair to Nanny McPhee Returns...COME ON!

Any who, I like it when I come out of a movie feeling better and different than I went in. I'm still on the fence and sad about a lot of things that come with marriage and being an adult, but boy if THAT movie didn't help me forget all that and focus on other ish. (no sarcasm there, but now that I'm writing it maybe there should be.)

I'll be interested to hear the reviews on this one. As I was leaving the theater I overhead the older couple ahead of me complaining that the cute parts were just too cute. I'm still reveling over that one. What does that even mean?!?!


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