Currently Worrying in Los Angeles

Dear Dr. Marcia Fieldstone,

I'm barking up trees right now that don't have cats, birds or any kind of living mammal chilling in the branches. In other words I feel like I'm running around in weird circles and I don't know what to do.

I told my therapist dude that I was frustrated with my lack of acting gigs. How I moved away from the Midwest (the land where you marry straight out of college and start squirting out children) so that I could pursue my dream...except I haven't even gotten close to that damn thing and I'm not married and don't have crumb snatchers so I'm basically fucked. (pardon my language, doc.)

My therapist asked if I was still seeing the other therapist (AKA "The Angel") because he sensed I was 'sensitive' and needed to get that taken care of. No shat Sherlock! Me?! Sensitive! I'm the QUEEN of sensitivity! I could cry from just imagining someone's mad at me. That aside, what the heck does being sensitive have anything to do with therapy?

#1 thing that has me in a funk.

Jersey just told me he's more than likely going home to spend time with his family...for like a month. He did this last year and it just about killed a girl. You can't really have an opinion about someone wanting to spend time with their family, though... I just have to prepare myself for a month of lonely.

#3 is a bee-otch. Money. Who doesn't worry about money?! Well it seems like all the folks around me don't because I'm the only one wondering what's more important; gas or groceries. What to do with your last $20...and who in the heck MY AGE only has $20 in the bank?! Did I share too much Dr. Marcia? Ize be poor...Ize be mighty po.

Those are my three deadly dooms...they're reeking havoc on my sanity for sure. Looking for a bone. A silver lining...a trip to Seattle so I can be sleepless instead of worrisome. Maybe an acting gig which would eliminate two of my bad boys with one awesome stone.


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