Cookie Monster Lives

I have tasted peace.

I have tasted heaven.

I have tasted probably the most scrumptiously, sweet and delightful cookie on the face of this planet!

Last week I attended the Downtown LA Art Walk and stumbled on to this charming little stand selling organic cookies. The company, Stacks, was smart to give me a sample. The minute that darn lavender cookie hit my taste buds I started flipping out. It was sooo good. I had to drag Celina and Glenda back to the table to have them try. Jersey ended up buying me a little cute jar and they were gone the next day. Celina bought a bunch including the Mexican Hot Chocolate flavor which was also heaven. Heck, they were all heaven!!! ALL THE FLAVORS!

They ship those bad boys anywhere in the United States so if you've been looking for something magically sweet I suggest you check them out. For the LA locals, she's located in Silver Lake. 

Secret: I shipped some to my baby sister for her birthday. Figured they'd be a sweet new spin on telling someone you think they're sweet and heavenly. 


  1. Can I get them shipped? I've been wanting some lavender sugar cookies...and organic? I'm in heaven!

  2. just remembered I have a sugar cookie mix that I bought from the farmer's market a couple of months ago. Going to get some lavender and make my own. I really want to find out Stacks recipe for flour-less peanut butter cookies. yum!

  3. Goodness, that sounds positively delightful! Heaven indeed... hehe :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  4. Ash...yes they ship to you! I just shipped some to my kid sis in Missouri :)

  5. Aya love the name of your blog! Thanks for stopping by :)


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