The Bitter With the Sweet

So weird. I love Mother's Day so much. I love celebrating women and their wombs...but there's always a sad note drifting in the back of my head every time this lovely holiday comes around. 

My father passed on this holiday. The weirdness of losing my dad on this day is too ironic and painful to process. I don't know if I'll ever really be able to process and deal with that fact. I always forget...I always start out my morning excited to call my mom and tell her how much I love her. Then the past comes floating back and I remember. A paradox of love and loss...

Jersey's back in the state that dubbed him. I've just been sending out texts to the women I love and watching HGTV. Crying just a tiny bit. First thought: it's not good to be alone on a day like today, but maybe that's just what I needed...


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