THE Audition

The first audition I've had in two years...TWO PEOPLE! TWO!

This audition was so welcomed and needed. I was so happy when I got the text and then I was fortunate enough to forget all about it over Memorial Day weekend. Even yesterday morning I was still okay. It wasn't  until I got into the shower, started putting on the makeup and drying my hair that the nerves kicked in. 

...and when I write 'kicked in' I mean it. I heard this monstrous growl grow from the deepest darkest parts of my stomach and then roar like someone shot its big toe. I put down the hair dryer carefully and tiptoed to the potty, handled my business and then took off; praying frantically that I could make it to the place in one piece.

Obviously I did. I put on some great music and enjoyed the process that goes hand-in-hand with my dream. The audition journey...I sang, I prayed that I'd be okay and that I would leave it up to the Universe to do what it needs to do for the best end results. Then I walked in to the casting office and managed to bump right into the evil queen from Snow White. (Only in LA, right?)

Hot guys trying out for some new Nike commercial, women in Disney costume and chicks looking a lot like me all sat together--fretting, sweating and praying for the same thing--a chance. 

Hilarious Moment: My script involved a 'natural' discussion about diarrhea. I laughed and immediately felt at ease. I am the QUEEN of poop! I live for poop talk! This audition was made for me! 

Of course the casting director wasn't as thrilled and geeked as I was. He had me run through really quick...gave me two different directions (which I took and gave him) and then I was done. It was sad how fast it all went.

I then got back in my car and spent two hours in traffic telling myself to leave the worry, wonder and hope with the casting office. I have no control after I go in there...

I know they're shooting next week so if I were to get the job I'd find out soon. 

Here's hoping!!! 

The video

Nervous Energy


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