Jose Luis!

I can't resist Jose Luis! I love this kid. He's awesome and his dad is a creative GENIUS! He must never grow up...otherwise they have to pop out another one because I love for Trejo Thursdays now.

A Wonderful Wish

I wish that...

Someone would approach me and say they want to be my sponsor like in the olden days...a Miss Havisham-like spirit (if you will) who would pay for any lifestyle I so chose as long as I created and did something goofy and happy every single day.

I also wish that an awesome graphic designer would check out my blog and decide they'd like to give my baby a makeover for FREE!

...Wish that HGTV would choose to send the Property Brothers to find me a home that they would then fix up and pimp out.

...Wish I'd win the lottery.

...Wish my agent would tell me I got the commercial...and the film.

...Wish that I had won a year's supply of free books from Barnes and Noble.

I think it's good to have wishes...Don't you?

THE Audition

The first audition I've had in two years...TWO PEOPLE! TWO!

This audition was so welcomed and needed. I was so happy when I got the text and then I was fortunate enough to forget all about it over Memorial Day weekend. Even yesterday morning I was still okay. It wasn't  until I got into the shower, started putting on the makeup and drying my hair that the nerves kicked in. 

...and when I write 'kicked in' I mean it. I heard this monstrous growl grow from the deepest darkest parts of my stomach and then roar like someone shot its big toe. I put down the hair dryer carefully and tiptoed to the potty, handled my business and then took off; praying frantically that I could make it to the place in one piece.

Obviously I did. I put on some great music and enjoyed the process that goes hand-in-hand with my dream. The audition journey...I sang, I prayed that I'd be okay and that I would leave it up to the Universe to do what it needs to do for the best end results. Then I walked in to the casting office and managed to bump right into the evil queen from Snow White. (Only in LA, right?)

Hot guys trying out for some new Nike commercial, women in Disney costume and chicks looking a lot like me all sat together--fretting, sweating and praying for the same thing--a chance. 

Hilarious Moment: My script involved a 'natural' discussion about diarrhea. I laughed and immediately felt at ease. I am the QUEEN of poop! I live for poop talk! This audition was made for me! 

Of course the casting director wasn't as thrilled and geeked as I was. He had me run through really quick...gave me two different directions (which I took and gave him) and then I was done. It was sad how fast it all went.

I then got back in my car and spent two hours in traffic telling myself to leave the worry, wonder and hope with the casting office. I have no control after I go in there...

I know they're shooting next week so if I were to get the job I'd find out soon. 

Here's hoping!!! 

The video

Nervous Energy

Familiar Worries

I'm infamous for turning to songs of melancholy whenever I need to calm down, get perspective, release something...It's never even really the lyrics, but the emotion that I fall in love with. 

Annie's songs are like that for me. It's not necessarily the song itself because Bob's version doesn't do diddly's when I first hear her "From the very first time I rest my eyes on you, boy..." that my heart goes to that sweet, sad place and I'm instantly out of my own head and into some other place that paints itself different with every song.  

...A welcomed break from familiar worries that I swear have the power to hammer a girl down if she doesn't learn how to maneuver and dodge.

Weekend in photos


I had a good long weekend! 

Now I'm exhausted. Maybe I shouldn't have waited until the end of the holiday weekend to write. Hmmm....I'll keep that in mind for next year. 

I was on the go nonstop this weekend. I swear I was at home to eat, sleep and poop only. I pulled a newborn in my own home. Weird for me, for sure.

I loved every moment of it. It ended with a great car ride...cruising the Sepulveda Pass, wind blowing through our hair as the four of us (the beach bandits) sang Gotye at the top of our lungs. 

Who says 30 is for grown ups. I still feel like a kid with crazy new freedom embracing the world as HAWD as I can.

On my way to a party. Celebrating National Wine Day and the 63 degree cold front that came in!
Cinespia night: Went and saw Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn
Attended a grip of BBQs!
More Cinespia
Fun kid Bella
Beach day!

Silence in the Hole!

Last night was my first official night going completely solo. I spoke to no one...I work from home so I worked. Then I finished and I turned off my computer. I went for a run. I came home and showered. I made a salad for dinner and then I finished a book. Then I cried because that damn book was sooo very good. Elegance of the it. Be prepared for lovely writing to rock your world.

Overall I'd give my first night alone a 7. I don't mind alone time every once in a blue moon. Sometimes I just need to get stuff done. I get weird when I can't have a minute to myself to read more than a chapter of a book. But after I finished my book I had enough silence to start processing the fact that it's going to be like this for a long time.

Pity party moment: This situation sucks. I feel sorry for myself.

Post pity party: American Idol was semi-entertaining. I still have a crush on Steven Tyler (as old as he is!) and being left for a couple of months isn't the worst predicament...

I'm taking all of this one day at a time...trying to find the best way to minimize the fire coming out of my snarling nose.

Watched Big...classic I say.


Friends are coming out of the wood work!!!

I swear I'm in the middle of a major learning curve. The first lesson: learning how to be comfortable with solitude. Some of the most profound thoughts, word and actions have sprung from peoples' quiet times...who says I can't poop something fantastic out from this time! I'm using this time to make some lemonade...searching for the Tish equivalent of War and Peace.

Lesson two isn't as tricky as the first. It involves reaching out to friends for help. When Jersey first left I was a mess. I watched him from my window getting in his taxi...heart just breaking all over the place and thought to myself how cruel and unfair life seems to be. It was during that particular pity party that I reached out to my facebook world and asked for some friendship. Now that I've learned how to ask for help successfully I have to accept the offers successfully. I've had a good chat night. Brigid came over yesterday with the BBC Sherlock Season 2 in tow. This weekend I'm going to the beach, Cinespia and a couple of BBQs. I will not be bored in the least. I will have plenty of time to talk to real human beings.

Thank GOD I've managed to surround myself with good people! J was so right...she has this knack for putting everything in perspective and finding good lessons in salty situations so thank GOD for her, too! And Twinkie!!! She has managed to keep me pretty darn entertained with great text stories.

Ladies, choose creative friends. If they can write, tell a story, draw a picture...STALK THEM UNTIL THEY BOW! Make them be your friend because they will make things all better like Mama's booboo kiss; I swear.

Think Like a Man

...Was actually a frickin hilarious movie! Imagine that! Steve Harvey...cheesy trailers. I was not expecting an actual entertaining film, but friends and critics have all said the darn thing was good so Jersey and I checked it out.

We laughed and guffawed the entire time. The acting was fun and good...the situations, believable and gosh by durn it...I liked it!

Jersey says that's one we can actually buy and watch multiple times. He obviously doesn't know that I never get sick of good flicks. (I watched Dumbo over and over and over again as a kid when it came on VHS.) Bring on the snazzy women trying to think like men.

Kevin Hart is my new short pretend boyfriend. I want to stick him in my Hollywood purse.

There She Goes

Sing it with me, people!

THEre SHE GOes...There SHE goes AGAIN...

And by going I'm talking about I'm in that sad rut filled with gallons of overly dramatic tears because Jersey's leaving again. He'll be back home for a month or so...maybe a bit longer. We don't really know right now, but it's a bummer.

I shall miss him. I swear this big ole home seems oh-so-huge and lonely when it's just me out...talking to the walls. The walls are sick of listening to me sucking back snot.

The kitchen is sick of me scrubbing the ish out of it. Basically mama's gotta get out or she's going to bust.

I've had some pretty lovely friends reach out to me and ask if they can come out and hang which has meant the world to me. Seriously...caused me to tear up again.

I hope to keep busy as much as possible. I shall re-register for Central Casting (I ain't too proud to beg!...for background work.) I have to call my agency new agent FINALLY wants to meet.

I'll try to read...try to be a gangsta of love and stop the whining. I'm a sentimental fool. I sort of love that about me...

My weekend in Photos


Tory Burch...sigh Love window shopping 

Total eclipse of the heart! I swear I'm now semi-blind.

Capturing every moment of my time with the fella

Had acting class this past weekend. Rocked the 1st performance. Sucked balls in my 2nd.

We went hiking in Malibu Creek State Park

Visited Take a Bao and feasted on basil chicken

Meaning in the Meager Monday

I'm starting to really dig this little assignment I've created for myself! 

Something I truly, deeply cherish (especially on a Saturday morning) is my bed. 

I had this vision of a peaceful, calming room filled with whites, greys and blues and I got it! Have you ever noticed how everyone on HGTV says their room is their sanctuary? I never knew what that meant. I never wanted a room that implied I needed shelter/protection from something. Hopefully my life isn't that chaotic...(snort of sarcasm)

Now ask me if I needed a room that I always wanted to squeal in once I entered. If my bedroom was a Pandora radio station it would be an Ella Fitzgerald "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and it's all because of my beautiful bed. 

A Right to be Beautiful


I have these weird opposing thoughts I need to clear up in my noggin. Might need your help. I think every woman in her right darn mind should believe and see their beauty...Overall, I'm pretty much enamored with how groovy we as a gender are. We're these phenomenal beings that make the world go round. That being said I can't STAND when I see sex pot picture posts that feature a girl with Zoolander/Fish lips, sticking out her chest and making "pretty" for an audience of douches.

Can't we feel our beauty...deserve our beauty and believe in it without it having to translate to who notices us and who thinks we're worthy enough to drool over in petty, shallow (and might I add) indifferent ways. (We all know sex sells, but the definition of what's sexy...or sexy enough changes every stupid day.)

I've been super passive aggressive about my outcries concerning the girls who think sexy is the way to be. I want to shake all of those lost souls and tell them to pick up a book. (Preferably Think by Lisa Bloom) Tell them to get a clue and some self respect and honor. I don't know how to start that dialogue though.

Too much of that missing from the world...

"It's not vanity to feel you have a right to be beautiful. Women are taught to feel we're not good enough, that we must live up to someone else's standards. But my aim is to cherish myself as I am." ~ Elle Macpherson

Finding beauty in my need to be weird, creative, goofy and a tad bit frizzy. Note: I mention boobs not.

Spotify Playlist

It took me forever, but I finally got jiggy with Spotify. Now that I'm hooked I thought I'd share my latest tracks I have on repeat. Happy Friday!!!

  • Hold On ~ Alabama Shakes
  • You're a Wonderful One ~ Marvin Gaye
  • More Than a Life ~ Whitley
  • Oblivion ~ Grimes
  • Love Stain ~ Jose Gonzalez
  • Set the Fire to the Third Bar ~ Snow Patrol
  • Island ~ Yuna
  • Love Interruption ~ Jack White

Credit: JD Hancock



The only thing pretty about my gosh darn library is this tiny little bit of flora and fauna in the parking lot. The rest of it looks like some bleak nastiness where books go to die. 

You walk inside and it's all old fogies who look at me like I'm a moon walking alien. They're lucky they always have the books I want. Otherwise I'd just have to drive myself back down the 405 to the library of all libraries...The Santa Monica Library. MY LIBRARY. 

This impostor is walking on eggshells.

There's this new app for the iPhone called that is super duper fun.

I go through spurts of using the ish out of it. You should too!

Cookie Monster Lives

I have tasted peace.

I have tasted heaven.

I have tasted probably the most scrumptiously, sweet and delightful cookie on the face of this planet!

Last week I attended the Downtown LA Art Walk and stumbled on to this charming little stand selling organic cookies. The company, Stacks, was smart to give me a sample. The minute that darn lavender cookie hit my taste buds I started flipping out. It was sooo good. I had to drag Celina and Glenda back to the table to have them try. Jersey ended up buying me a little cute jar and they were gone the next day. Celina bought a bunch including the Mexican Hot Chocolate flavor which was also heaven. Heck, they were all heaven!!! ALL THE FLAVORS!

They ship those bad boys anywhere in the United States so if you've been looking for something magically sweet I suggest you check them out. For the LA locals, she's located in Silver Lake. 

Secret: I shipped some to my baby sister for her birthday. Figured they'd be a sweet new spin on telling someone you think they're sweet and heavenly. 

Family Snark

So Jersey said he's going to try to get me my canon dream cam while he's back on the East Coast. There's this fun camera shop that EVERYONE in New York goes to called B&H. I was totally excited and shared the news with a friend and her friend. (They both have children.) The friend of a friend stopped me mid-story and asked if I had children with my fella. I said no...that we weren't even married or planning to be married yet. (She gave me the look.)

Then she asked if we were someday planning to have kids and I said yeah. (She gave the look again) and then she said the thing you're never supposed to say to a single girl, "Well enjoy buying yourself that kind of extravagant purchase now because once you have kids you won't be able to spend that kind of money on yourself. It should go to your kids." 

Did I just get shamed? Or put in my place? Was that a Bridget Jones slam?! You know...that situation she experiences when she (the only single person) goes to a party of couples and listens on as they ask her when she's going to settle down and get hitched.

AHHHHH! I had to choke back tears. What the heck?! Where was my gangster?! How did such a tiny snub do me in? I know not, but I feel bad for the next person who tries to pull that on me. 

And if I am ever fortunate enough to start a family of my own God, please don't let me say ignorant, snarky ish like that to my single/children-less friends. I hate when women say, "well you'll know once you have children." 

Yes...for some women they hate kids until they have their own so they weren't around them at all growing up. I, on the other hand, have been around babies my entire life. My mom was a baby whisperer and passed it on to me so I'm not trying to hear that silliness. I know I'll learn things about myself that will change the way I see the world...two hours of sleep for three months straight could do that to anyone BUT I'm not inept at knowing about kids. 

Has that ever happened to you?! Any good comebacks?

Meaning in the Meager Monday

Another possession that I'm grateful for and take care of: My beautiful wallet. 

Years ago I took my kid sis to a baseball game at Dodger Stadium and someone stole my old wallet. Yep, a green, cute little one that I adored. 

I mourned that darn thing for months. Then one day I was walking the streets of Pasadena and saw this little beauty in Pasadena at the Kenneth Cole store and forgot all about the green. 

I know I love the color, but I rarely rock it.  And this color...well this burnt orange color is beautiful. It's handsome, structured and neat. Everything they say my father was. (Take that back to Freud's journal and analyze that bad boy!)

The Bitter With the Sweet

So weird. I love Mother's Day so much. I love celebrating women and their wombs...but there's always a sad note drifting in the back of my head every time this lovely holiday comes around. 

My father passed on this holiday. The weirdness of losing my dad on this day is too ironic and painful to process. I don't know if I'll ever really be able to process and deal with that fact. I always forget...I always start out my morning excited to call my mom and tell her how much I love her. Then the past comes floating back and I remember. A paradox of love and loss...

Jersey's back in the state that dubbed him. I've just been sending out texts to the women I love and watching HGTV. Crying just a tiny bit. First thought: it's not good to be alone on a day like today, but maybe that's just what I needed...

Happy Mother's Day

I love Goldie's recount of an ancient myth...a beautiful definition of motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas, moms and Mo's of the world.

I thank my Mo for giving me the free range I needed. I honor and love you. Thanks for never going the distance with your threats, "I brought you into this world and I can take you OUT, girl!" 

I (and my life) appreciate all that you've done and didn't do. 


The magic word this past week was authentic. Everyone was talking about being authentic and then my acting coach praised me for being just that and my heart glowed a little. According to her, that's one of my greatest gifts.

 "While Octomom is trying to be the next Angelina Jolie, you're just trying to be Tish."

Then I jacked it all up by being fake as heck to a girl who I don't trust. I just didn't want to stir the pot with her...Easier to smile sometimes and make small chit chat then start telling her why I think she's bad down to the bone.

Still living for my authentic, sweet moments... Still working on those times when I'm neither.

Will the real Tish Merritt please stand up?

Big Texas Hair

A woman's hair must be architectural or nothing at all~ Manuela from The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I'm in love with my current book, The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Every page is some new tasty morsel of literary genius. The poetic and wonderfully wordy. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to mark the ish up with a highlighter and scream the author's genius to the high heavens...alas, my copy is in fact the public library's so I must behave.

I have a fun word that's inspired me. It will require a special photograph that I don't really know how to take just yet, but it shall happen. I can't tell you the last time a book tickled me like this. I recommend if you've got the time to drool and chill over good literature. She drops mad philosophy so if you're tired or rushed or lazy you're gonna miss a whole lotta awesome.

Foods for thought. Words to your mother. 

Currently Worrying in Los Angeles

Dear Dr. Marcia Fieldstone,

I'm barking up trees right now that don't have cats, birds or any kind of living mammal chilling in the branches. In other words I feel like I'm running around in weird circles and I don't know what to do.

I told my therapist dude that I was frustrated with my lack of acting gigs. How I moved away from the Midwest (the land where you marry straight out of college and start squirting out children) so that I could pursue my dream...except I haven't even gotten close to that damn thing and I'm not married and don't have crumb snatchers so I'm basically fucked. (pardon my language, doc.)

My therapist asked if I was still seeing the other therapist (AKA "The Angel") because he sensed I was 'sensitive' and needed to get that taken care of. No shat Sherlock! Me?! Sensitive! I'm the QUEEN of sensitivity! I could cry from just imagining someone's mad at me. That aside, what the heck does being sensitive have anything to do with therapy?

#1 thing that has me in a funk.

Jersey just told me he's more than likely going home to spend time with his family...for like a month. He did this last year and it just about killed a girl. You can't really have an opinion about someone wanting to spend time with their family, though... I just have to prepare myself for a month of lonely.

#3 is a bee-otch. Money. Who doesn't worry about money?! Well it seems like all the folks around me don't because I'm the only one wondering what's more important; gas or groceries. What to do with your last $20...and who in the heck MY AGE only has $20 in the bank?! Did I share too much Dr. Marcia? Ize be poor...Ize be mighty po.

Those are my three deadly dooms...they're reeking havoc on my sanity for sure. Looking for a bone. A silver lining...a trip to Seattle so I can be sleepless instead of worrisome. Maybe an acting gig which would eliminate two of my bad boys with one awesome stone.

When I Grow Up

...I want to be just like these kids


It's weird how I can go about my business; writing this blog and all and not mention a single peep about the therapy or depression that kicked my ass this time last year.

I'm still seeing the man who prescribes the happy pills. Stopped seeing "The Angel" back in December. That part of the deal worked beautifully. Now I just have a little while longer to be on the happy pills and I should be good to go.

It's so weird that popping a pill every morning has become such a normal part of my life. I think Jersey, family and friends have forgotten that I still do that ish. I've been so yellow mellow afterall...

The thing is I'm still hella scared about the whole depression thing. You know that commercial on tv for anti-depression medication? The one where she is already on something but her scary arse depression/shadow thing still follows her around? Well that's my frickin nightmare!


I had a nightmare a week or so ago that left me in a pool of sweat when I jerked away. The whole dream was about how I could feel depression coming back. The tangible, gross, scary feeling that I still remember and feel in my bones. Terrifying...

So every six weeks I check in with my doc and tell him how I'm feeling on the drugs. He pretends to write something fascinating down and then five minutes later I'm out of that piece. It's kind of a cold process, but whatever. It's all chemical at this point anways...

Scary enough, right after I thought this post was finished I opened up my blog feed and read this post from Dooce about a man who lost all hope and ended his life. It's for situations like this that I discuss my issues so openly. Keeping that kind of sadness and truth locked up inside is poisonous and dangerous.


On Friday Jersey and I were watching Seven on TV...That horrifically infamous scene at the end came and went and then we sat there and watched the credits.
Finally Jersey spoke up.

"That was Kevin Spacey?!"

"Yeah that was the movie that made him basically."

...which got me thinking. It's funny how you don't think of someone existing until they've arrived in their career of choice. What a sad state of mind I've carried around with me. Even more sad that I think of myself as a little eggling...just waiting until I'm real. And of course I've chosen the hardest birth possible...popping up on a movie set and saying my lines.

Two rather simple actions that are THE hardest thing for someone like me to do.

Gotta change that mindset before I go absolutely looney tunes.


I had this thought while running the other day...

I was running uphill into the wind and I was tiring myself out pretty quickly when something in me told me to acknowledge the fact that I was jus starting out on the run...Still had 2 miles to go and would do my body and sanity a favor if I just stopped fighting it and slowed down my pace and mustered through the hard part.

I knew I'd reach the end point sooner or later...asked myself what the frickin rush was and then went about my run.

Same could apply to my acting pursuits. I know I'll get there and right now I'm on an incline with some annoying wind pushing me back...I just have to get comfortable with the pace I know I can do (that won't kill me!) and trust that I'll get there sooner or later.

Not all of us were born with a golden 6 minute pace. Just hope that metaphor holds up...

Meaning in the Meager

It's no secret I'm broke as a joke. Makes it really hard to read all the darn blogs I follow. Folks are constantly talking about what expensive restaurant they've just dropped serious money on...or all the wonderful clothes, accessories and vacation trips to Mexico they've just bought. 

That's so far from where I am currently. I'm at the point where I've filed my credit cards away and determined to pay off all my debt. I'm at the point where I HAVE to be okay with what I already have in my life. 

That being said I've been spending an obscene amount of time taking care of the things I am grateful for...honoring what I already have and love. 

Figured I'd share some of those lovelies with you. 

First up on my list is a hat I've had since my senior year of high school. It's stained from all the years of sweat and sun, but I care not. It's the only hat that fits my large head and hits where it's supposed to--right above my ears. 

Folks are always trying to get me to throw the darn thing away but I will NEVAHHH. A good baseball cap is like an old, but good t shirt. There's beauty in its breakdown. 


I have this app on Poppins called Band of the Day that totally rocks. It was kind enough to introduce me to this lovely artist named Yuna.

She's just a sweet thing with a sweet voice. Currently digging everything including her cover of Nirvana Come as You Are.

Check her out.

Isn't she perdy?

The Five-Year Engagement

5.03.2012 I have something to write...yeah...STILL on the fence about this darn site, though. It's that lovely proverbial question all over again: if a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around does it make a noise? Does a random blog make a noise? Not sure...but until it finds a purpose, my posts could be sparse. My buds who I force at gunpoint to read have said it's not just about acting (thanks J) and gives people some entertainment, but you have to know when I'm writing this I have no idea who my audience is...I'm just writing basically to Jersey's butt. Like his sleeping butt...which means I get no response. I never have conversations with folks about the stuff I write about so it makes sense to envision a non-talking butt and after years of talking to a non-talking butt you start to wonder if you're crazy...and then you get bored. Interaction is fun! Any who,that's why I'm getting wonky with writing lately.

That being said here's my latest brain fart--a review on The Five-Year Engagement:

This is how the first five minutes of the movie went down: They started with the proposal which led to a story about their cute meet which led to anniversary talk.

I sat there thinking about anniversaries and my lack of celebratory dates...Jersey and I chuckled and then dropped hands.

(We chuckled because we'll never know when our official meet cute was or when it could be celebrated!!! Uncomfortable bite of reality)

Then the movie (that I can't destroy from the above description) started.

The flick started out as that movie you don't go see if you're dating and on a path to getting married. I laughed at all of the obscenely awkward moments that make you thank your lucky stars you haven't gone and gotten hitched....but then they play Van Morrison and you start to soften a bit (while your guy sweats even more and adjusts his collar.) In a nutshell, it's the perfect romantic comedy if you want your significant other to shit his pants.

It was honest and hard at times, funny in others and utterly painful, too.

Couples walked out somber, but ya know what?! Those are just the kinds of flicks I enjoy the most. They take our expectations out of the clouds and smack 'em around a bit. They check us gangsta-style...they make sure we're not caught up in the hype of a love story we want to play over and over again in our heads:

"We met this way, he proposed this way, we married and now we're happy ever after...Yes, we officially changed our names to happy ever after."

Emily Blunt was just how I love her...English, adorable and fresh. Jason was Jason--big adorable teddy bear we've all come to love.

He helped write the darn thing so he got even more adorable points. Mindy Kaling made an appearance as well as one of my favorite Brits (because he takes on the most brilliant roles) Rhys Ifans. I mean he went from Notting Hill to Little Nicky to Vanity Fair to Nanny McPhee Returns...COME ON!

Any who, I like it when I come out of a movie feeling better and different than I went in. I'm still on the fence and sad about a lot of things that come with marriage and being an adult, but boy if THAT movie didn't help me forget all that and focus on other ish. (no sarcasm there, but now that I'm writing it maybe there should be.)

I'll be interested to hear the reviews on this one. As I was leaving the theater I overhead the older couple ahead of me complaining that the cute parts were just too cute. I'm still reveling over that one. What does that even mean?!?!

Is Luv and Kiwi Ending?

I'm hitting a road block...the first of its kind since I started this blog in 2005. I just don't know if there's much purpose in hashing out brain farts every day like I used to. Life has been the same day for years and it's starting to break me down. It's like my own personal Ground Hog's Day hell. Except I haven't reached that point where I start to improve each piano saving the mayor from choking.

Something just clicked. I woke up last Friday wondering if anyone gets any kind of something out of these posts...and I couldn't think of one so I just stopped coming up with blog topics.

Maybe it's a rut. Don't know, but until something new springs up in my life that has me inspired I'm thinking this rut will last a bit.

To be continued...

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