When You Feel the Blahs

I don't know why Mondays suck elephant-sized balls for me, but they do. There's just something so very dismal and whackalicious about waking up on a Monday, knowing that you're going to do the same things...eat the same things...be the same thing. Well it resulted in me having a mini hissy fit at the gym last night. I sulked over to Jersey and told him I was just bored and tired of the same thing day in and day out.

He rolled his eyes because I'm dramatic like that and told me to get my butt up on the pull-up bar. (Lovely, eh?) I barely made it through that workout...It was like The Grinch before his heart got big...You know that moment where he had all the energy and could lift the sleigh...Yeah, I was the opposite of that.

I figured out how to battle the blahs though. I went to Trader Joe's and decided to spice things up in the kitchen. I pizazzed the spaghetti up. I added artichokes, some colorful red/yellow/orange peppers, turkey meatballs and some herbs and spices to give it some kick. Then I made some avocado boats, tomato, cilantro, red wine vinegar, red onions, sour cream and some spicy TJ's salsa. It was sooo good and totally blasted the blahs. I cranked up the music...got down with some great jazz and blues and just like that my mood changed.

Thank GOD! I have issues with the Monday blahs.

I'm not the gal who's down for food presentation. Just saying


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