Tired But Happy

I'm so tired. I so badly needed that girl weekend. When it finally came I went buck buck. I was loud, goofy and up for anything including staying up until 2am every darn night because I was just so geeked for everything happening around me.

We drank mimosas the last night of Coachella and laughed into the night. It was so needed. I don't do well with Corporate America. Having a job that's basically the same day in and day out drains me quicker than an attention whore on Facebook. I took beautiful naps in the sun and shade. I sun bathed. I moon bathed. I listened to beautiful music that forced me to lay down and look up at the stars. I danced hard to great music; swinging my arms and tossing my head and hair...I lived totally in the present.

That's not something I get to do all that often. I swear that whole trip was one huge meditative journey. There were times when I'd see the whole huge Coachella crowd swaying together and I'd get what people mean when they say we're all connected. It was like Avatar up in that piece! Remember that scene where they're all praying to the tree goddess? They're holding hands and swaying side-to-side? That's pretty much Coachella....sans the magical floating seed things. (The only stuff floating in that air was confetti from Girl Talk finale and smoke.)

I think I fall more in love with my friends every time we all meet up like that. I've been swimming in some seriously negative girl shat lately...(You know we can be catty, distrusting wankers afterall) so it felt good to get back to that sweet, supportive energy that allows you to be exactly who you are...weird-isms and all.

My favorite part of the day...


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