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Oh happy day!

What a lovely evening I had last night. Oh Joy (who I'm just a tad bit in obsession with) was hosting a little par-tay at Kate Spade's quaint little shop at the Americana so I asked my gal pal Glenda the Good Witch and B if they'd like to hit the spot up with me. I couldn't just go there and gush by myself, now could I? THAT would have been stalkerish (nervous laugh)

Joy's really super duper sweet and didn't look too scared that a grown woman wanted to be her groupie for graphics. Not at all...

Yes, I did give myself that name. 

I wasn't expecting to find anything Tishy Tastic there (Kate's stuff is a bit too girly for the likes of me) but there was an adorable business card case that I just couldn't resist. I've been looking for one for the longest. Now I shall never leave home without the darn things. J will be so proud of me being that I never have Fit Bottomed Girl cards on hand at events. Big no no...

I sipped on cute cocktails, shoved a couple of sweets down and laughed my darkly dressed buns off at the folks working there. They have some groovy characters especially this one cat who was rockin' a bow tie. You all know how I feel about bow ties...

The party got an A.

Hello rainbow-licious delight

Too bad they don't make anything larger than size 10...

The folks working there were awesome and nice. They didn't throw us out when we laughed at the price of a shirt.

Joy the Jubilant yellow dandy and Me...I smile like a rat when I'm excited. I also exhibit zombie hand syndrome, apparently.

This gal was a ball of energy!!!


  1. JEALOUS. Completely and totally. I don't know how I missed this.


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