Hollywood Hug

I need some extreme arrogance...I could use some hubris.

I need to believe at least six impossible things before lunch today and I'm not sure I can. If I say I will is that one of my six?

I'm trying to reassess. Trying to figure out how some people can come to Hollywood and just do it. You know the types...It's those folks who had never heard no. People just told them this is how you do it so they went out and did it....the arrogance pushed them right up onto the doorstep of opportunity and landed them right into Hollywood's golden arms.

...I want a hug from Hollywood.

I sent in an audition video for a small part on this web series I like called Awkward Black Girl. I didn't win (or else you would have heard my crazy jubilee by now) but it was fun making the darn thing:

(True Story BTW)

It's so tiresome holding the world's record for most tries without a win. I'm just sayin...


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