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This weekend Jersey went to snowboarding up in Mammoth so I went to Dara's to help with Easter dinner. I love watching her husband and her cook. Her hubby is this amazing cook. He smiles, sings and stares into the hearts of each dang ingredient and out springs magical foods that make your eyes roll back. It's like Ratatouille emotions...you see colorful swirls. 

Even the act of cutting is an art in that household. According to the hubster, you have to cut an onion a certain way. First in halves...but a certain way. This releases the onion's flavors--makes  you cry quicker. According to Haitian thought, someone cooking for you is love because so much emotion goes into it. Lovely, right?

We had to de-vein celery (which I didn't even know people did!), peel carrots, not all of them, just some; and these darn carrots were chosen individually. Things were boiled and mashed, seasoned....Caribbean music blared throughout the home as we all went to work...

And the food that came out of all that prep...OH.MY.GOD.


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