When I say I'm a blog groupie...Oooweeee am I bad. Meeting Joy and Bri (two bloggers whose work I LUV) was fun, but it was nerves and then some. Blogging is still a relatively new medium so the fact that I've already managed to go gaga over a couple of ladies who have a knack for graphic design and Photoshop embarrasses the crap out of me.

When I went out to that event last week and started talking to the ladies about their lives and their schedules it was like a train wreck of diarrhea that couldn't be stopped. I'm sitting there rambling while my little angel on my right shoulder is going "Mayday! Shut up foo!" and my little devil is on its back cracking up and telling me to keep going.

Do you guys do that? Am I alone? What is it about people poppin' out life stories that draws us in and makes us drool a bit? If you don't do that you're probably answering me with a profound, "I don't know foo!" but if you do groupie-fy certain folks then help a gal out.

Have you ever caught yourself in a groupie situation and felt silly? I mean if I were to meet Oprah there would be no shame in my game, but bloggers...? I've actually dreamed I was good friends with Dooce before...okay multiple times I've had that dream. I have issues lol.


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