Elizabeth Catlett

Elizabeth Catlett's passing was hard on me yesterday. There are a list of phenomenal women I've put on my bucket list...folks I need to meet. Like Oprah with her Legends party, I imagine some sort of special gathering I get to attend...I can gab with Maya, talk poems with Sonia Sanchez and Lucille Clifton, rap with Nikki Giovanni, sit under a tree with Oprah...You think I'm kidding?

Because I've always had that dream of a mega woman pow wow I got super duper sad that one of the women I've always wanted to brain pick is gone...It makes me think my dreams need to move a little quicker. Once I start making those powerfully gripping films I'll be able to play with the women doing the damn thing.

I wrote my agent and told him the good news. I got my first movie credit! He wasn't as enthused as I (duh!) but I cared not. I got to update my resumes on all those acting sites...I got to write "Coffee Patron" and it ROCKED. It's the little things. We have to get things moving. I have beautiful women to laugh and learn with!


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