Debts Pushed Him to the Edge

Isn't it weird how the Universe works? Whenever you're stressing about something you seem to see nothing but whatever it is that caused you to begin twitching in the first place...

I'm struggling with finances like a mofo. I know you're not supposed to say that. The LA mantra is, "You're NEVER supposed to admit you're broke!" but I'm broke! Seriously went to the pharmacy yesterday and when the chick told me my prescription was $130 (WITH INSURANCE!) I about lost my damn mind. I started crying...yep, right in front of the pharmacist AND all of Target. It was the highlight of my day; let me tell ya!

I hate it that I'm 30 (ahem) something and still worrying about when I'll be able to pay off my last credit card...When I'll be debt free...How to save money...How to still have a life! It's pretty darn frustrating. 

I was stewing in my own self pity when I heard about the poor man in Greece who shot himself. He yelled out, "I have debts and I can't take it anymore!" and then he did it...So sad. I'm not saying I'm at that point by any means but I was driving and shaking my head thinking I could totally relate. Debt is such a nasty plague. 

THEN I got home, turned on Bethany Ever After and THIS came on:

It made me feel a little better. Gave me a bit of hope...a little. (BIG SIGH)


  1. This a great post. In life there is ups and downs and how you ride them is what gets you through them. That is the roller coaster of life. Sometimes it a fun ride others it scary, but once your over that lift hill it can be one hell of a ride!


  2. Thank you Deanna! I'm trying to remain calm on the scary parts you KNOW what people look like on camera when they try to maintain composure on a roller coaster when that camera flashes...

    It's never pretty.


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