Coachella 2012 │ Weekend 2

So Coachella, Weekend 2 is finally upon me. THANK GOD!!! I have been waiting and wanting this girls' trip for sooo long. I think the drool started back in January when we bought our tickets and reserved the hotel room and I've been a puddle mess every since.

When I start to do the same things day in and day out; the tediousness of it all starts to get to me and I wig the eff out. I'm wigging out this week. I'm doing that whole emotional eating bull crap that leaves me a gassy, bloated hot mess. I have all this time to obsess over all the acting stuff I'm not involved in. I have the time to begrudge those who are hearing yes all the time while I'm always hearing no. It's just left me feeling exhausted, frustrated, sad....See where I'm going with this? I need a break!

So I'm taking one. I'm going to Coachella with J and Twinkie and we shall have a blast bonding over loud music. We leave Friday early morning in our Coachella mobile (AKA The Flying Red Tomato.) I'm packing music, stuff to keep Twinkie from getting car sick in the C.M., liquor for the hotel room.

Who says you get to stop celebrating spring break just because you've graduated from college. I plan to go buck buck crazy. (For me that means I'll take naps, pelvic thrust, drink smoothies to my heart's content and scream really loud at cool people on stages...possibly make fun of some of the more creatively dressed hipsters.)


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