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I've noticed a trend with all the blogs I read. It's consumerism on crack. Every post is about buying something, wanting something, needing something...Well Mama Tish doesn't have the money to keep up with that kind of stuff so I've been trying really hard about honoring all the stuff I already have. Making sure it's clean and lovely and well taken care of.

Project "You Don't Need ISH" is underway.

I plan to go into hard core Scroogey-frugal saving mode. All funds are about to be locked down (that's after Coachella this weekend...batting eyes.)

There's just something about always having to have more. How long does someone play with their newly purchased toys before they move on to the next thing they just can't live without?

I don't know homies, but I'm going to be a good girl and appreciate and take joy in the act of remaining still and looking at all the darn ish I currently have around me. No more, "I want! I want!"

It's time for some, "Hey I forgot I had this book! Hey there's no reason I need a new outfit, this one still makes me feel like a million bucks."

Simple concept. HUUUUGE impact.

Now...time to get some of my Oprah on.

Grateful for Poppins the iPhone who takes phenomenal pictures. I don't NEED that Mark II camera just yet.


  1. Delightfully inspiring. I have to limit Pinterest to just looking at recipes for this same reason.

  2. :) It's hard. I swear we've moved into this wave of hipster sameness. Everyone has to have chevron this and that...we all have to be foodies and get special truffle Constantly buying to keep up.

    Gotta stop. I'm gonna make Little House on the Prairie cool again.

  3. I love this concept.

    Practicing it has made starting a business (and having no extra money) a whole heck of a lot easier.

    When I start feeling poo poo and wanting to buy stuff, I clean my house. Sounds weird, but it makes me feel so so good!


  4. ha! That's EXACTLY what I do Tara! lol I've been a cleaning fool lately!


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