I wanted this for a long time so finally Jersey bit my bullet for me and bought it. I really do get a strong, fierce kick out of decorating. It sucks that I'm too broke to do it all at once but these little delivery treats are fun.

I think my mailman thinks I'm some sort of used car parts salesperson or a drug dealer because home girl is seriously getting ish in the mail EVERY.DAY.

If it's not for the home it's for my FBG bawd. I love multiple Christmas time! (Even more so when I have absolutely no cash to spare...makes me forget for tiny moments that I'm a poor bloke.)


  1. You're hilarious! I love shopping on the internet too, so I now have half of my packages sent to my job and the other half sent to my apartment. Luckily, the same guy doesn't deliver to both addresses otherwise things may get embarrassing.

  2. You're clever. I unfortunately work from home...I swear I need to take my mail guy out for coffee or something. We're tight like that now :)


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