Time Keeps on Ticking

I read a stupid book that was supposed to keep me from freaking out that I was off the "timeline" that states you should be married with kids and have the career you've always wanting by 30. Instead it made me obsess even more...to the point where I'm now feeling my age. 30 and doing nada. Grey hairs in the eyebrow...OH WHOAS ME! HOW CRUEL FATHER TIME IS!

Grrr. The sucky part is Jersey totally doesn't get it. Obviously the fellow doesn't understand. Biological clocks don't exist in the world of penis and Old Spice (lucky arse). He's already got the job he went to college for and worked hard to get...his little sperms will always be able to knock out kids...men have it made.

So I'm out here by myself, twiddling my fingers wondering if my life is always going to suck just a little bit.

I've been trying to really embrace the gratitudes I do with J every day...just to remember that I do have stuff...I keep playing the but game though...which is BAD. Like for instance, I have a great place BUT I don't have the money to decorate the ish out of it. I have great friends BUT I don't have the funds to play with them all that often. I'm in acting classes BUT I still haven't landed any paying jobs and my agency is still searching for a replacement agent for me.

Life is hard and it blows and I want a snack.


  1. Just my own little tidbit for you... the grass always seems greener on the other side (as you've heard) But as I have learn in my 30 years is that when you become happy with where you are in life, the magical blessings start appearing. Just wait for it honey, I know your day is coming!


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