A Moment Near the Stove

Jersey came home the other night to a girlfriend crying in the kitchen. Not because I was sad, but because I'm the biggest wuss when it comes to chopping onions. He came in, wrapped his arms around me and teased my puny tears.

Then he went to work helping me chop, boil and pull together our meal. Marry Me by Train came on (happens to be one of my favorite songs) and I got to sit and listen to him attempt high notes...I promise I shall get that man on tape either rapping, attempting the high notes AND singing Marilyn songs from Smash. All leaving me wanting to pee my pants, but so far the sneaky beast has alluded my lens.

I love those kind of nights. Those are the nights I thank my lucky stars that I found a man so kind, fun and goofy. How does that happen? I dated so many shatheads in my life...SO many bad dudes. I think I got all of those frogs so that I would appreciate the wanker I'm with...I tell him all the time he's great and wonderful and perfect FOR ME.

...So we danced slow motion in the kitchen while I said, "thank you thank you thank you God for the tight buns I'm currently squeezing."


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