Literary Incarceration

So I thought I had lost Incendiary at the gym. I knew I left it there because I had seen my gal pal (and the book club member who suggested this book) Wendy and followed her booty into the girl's locker room to put it away before class.

I got home the other night and had a tiny panic attack (and by tiny I mean I went racing through the house, out into the garage and started frantically searching my car in hopes of spotting it in there.) It was no where to be found. Jersey called up his peeps at the gym and they went looking; didn't find a dang thing. Jersey went to work the next day and looked himself...nada. WENDY went down and looked...nada.

They put up a sign for my beloved book. I checked out my book for longer in case some mean dishonest library book thief decided to grow a pair and return it.

Then yesterday a miraculous thing happened. I went into the girl's locker room. I saw the locker I always gravitate towards, slowly opened it and VOILA! There was the book...standing up against the inside of the locker which would have made it hard to see for some I suppose.

EUREKA! I don't have to pay a gazillion dollars to have it replaced. I DO get to actually finish the book before our next meeting. I don't have to worry about being arrested by the library po po.

Never been more happy to see a book in my life.

That's what the cool folks on Twitter like to call #Nerddrama.


  1. wootwoot! I was already practicing my thief yells in case I caught the thief at work and had to chase


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