Kony 2012

I kept seeing talk of Kony all over facebook yesterday. I finally broke down and clicked on one of the thousands of videos I saw popping up and that's when it happened...

Somehow my ADD arse was able to sit through this entire video (totally captivated) and come away feeling totally inspired and rearing to help. 

You should watch...make Kony famous!!!

Watch. Share.Buy a Kit. Make Kony Famous!

*There's been mad discussions buzzing and flittering all over Twitter about Invisible Children and where the money goes and whether or not the team is being paternalistic douches. Read all about the accusations and then the responses HERE.


  1. Thanks...i saw this last night too and was going to see what it was.

  2. But of course! It's weird how you keep seeing it, keep seeing it and then finally you say "oh what the hey!" and finally watch it. (Blushing)

  3. I saw that all over Pinterest, but I am definitely guilty of just googling it to find out what it was (c: Yeah, it's definitely controversial...I really hope they are doing it to help children and not promote themselves!

  4. I know my reasoning is silly, but if Oprah donated oodles of money it's gotta be legit. The woman's financial advisors don't play!


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