Hit Save

Two days ago I realized I had sent the wrong pages to my editor...The book that I corrected that took me so very long to do is gone...

I have no idea why I can't find any saved copies of that bad boy, but my ass was twitching left and right yesterday trying to dig through all my computer files and my backup drive. I swear it's like some mean little goblin got into my computer and decided to poop on my hard work.

That's the kind of poop I don't appreciate. (Yes, there are certain poops I adore.)

So guess what I'm doing for the next couple of weeks. Thank GOD I wrote my last edits out on actual paper and kept the copy!!!

That darn book. While looking around I found my very first edit from 2009. THREE YEARS I've been sweating this book! I tell ya what...


  1. Been there, hated it, so now I save every 15 minutes when composing a document. I've become paranoid of loosing my work. Save, Save, Save, and in multiple locations.

  2. Ugh! So sorry, luv.

    Google Docs, baby. Save to your hard drive, save to a portable drive, and save to Google Docs (it tracks all your edits automatically, too).


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