Friends with Kids

Last night I met up with B for a "me me night" as I like to call it. Sometimes you just need some good girl time...a little wine, some nom nom and a good ole chick flick.

Went and saw Friends with Kids at the Arclight. It did not disappoint. Don't expect this movie to be anything like Bridesmaids. Yes, it's almost the same exact cast but it's this awesome, honest, sometimes funny/sometimes serious story about folks with kids. (Hope I didn't ruin anything for ya there.)

The acting was great and I was oh-so-proud of Jennifer Westfeldt for writing, directing and acting in this. Girl power! I like leaving a movie feeling like I got some good truths...The story as a whole speaks to the 31 year old in me...the one who's thinking it's time to start popping out some little awesomes soon.

Two green thumbs up! Go see it! Then come back and tell me what you thought!

Illustration by Clayton Junior 


  1. Saw it and loved it! It wasn't the humor I thought it to be (so not Bridesmaids)but it was still funny. It was like savory opposed to sweet food. It made me think to be nicer to my husband, my comrade in arms.

  2. You nailed it! Savory indeed!


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