Flies on the Walls

I was reading Lisa Lees's story about who's real in social media...and then an excerpt from this book called Your So-Called Life by Andrea Lavinthal and Jessica Rozler.

When blogs came on the scene I was in heaven...finally a chance to be a fly on the wall and see how folks really lived...too bad it's never really turned into that...and people's truths are held back. I'm not talking about the TMI bowel movements; I'm talking about opinions, theories, actual stories pertaining to something that happened and how it made the person feel...

I'm nosy by nature...hell, it's why I want to be an actor in some ways...You get to experience other people's truths...the truths hidden usually behind closed doors and shut down by blank expressions and emotional hangups.

Something I'm seeing though...the more popular social media gets the more closed off folks become. Yeah they still share pictures and ascribe little comments but when push comes to shove I still don't have a rats ass what it means? You never see people saying why they're sad, upset, totally happy, vindicated, whatever.

How many truths do we actually get to experience in any given day? Not many. I was looking at a picture on Instagram and I swear I had like five questions for that one picture in less than a minute. As a writer, I can safely say a picture isn't worth a thousand words.

Why is it so hard to be emotionally honest and public for most people? Why is it so taboo to share our human experiences? No clue, but I'll continue to share. Getting it all out is cathartic as heck for me.


  1. Agreed. I think what has happened though is that you cannot say anything online without people going crazy over it. And that gets so tiring that it becomes not worth it to share anymore.

    Case in point (a small example) I recently shared on facebook (my personal page) that I discovered eating scrambled chickpeas for breakfast and how much I love it. I got no less than 5 comments from "friends" making a big deal out of it saying things like "that sounds good with a side of bacon and eggs" or "you really need more protein in the morning". And while it was mostly light hearted, it just felt annoying not to be able to share without some sort of advisory feedback.

  2. Ew yes. Boo on that. I guess I haven't experienced the "troll effect" yet...I'm a tiny, small blog so that helps. Your "friends" commenting like that is part of the problem. That's not real communication. That's not how you'd talk to friends in person...ya know? I was even annoyed with Twitter today. Lots of weird, ambiguous tweets that are confusing to boot. Just say what you mean people!



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