Fakers and Flakers: How LA People Suck

How weird are LA friendships?!

The other day in book club my gal pal Glenda and I were discussing our social schedules...how insecure LA transplants are about meeting up with folks. It's an honest insecurity. A lot of people in LA flake...it's like some sort of rite of passage. People are weird about asking you to hang out, you're feeling like you stink or something when in fact folks just assume people don't want to hang so they don't ask.

Jersey and I were grumbling about LA flakers and fakers. It makes it really hard to get out there and friend stalk. You don't want to invite folks to do ish because you know they're gonna flake and then you end up feeling like that poor kid who's always picked last for dodge ball.

I don't remember this ever being a problem in Middle Earth but man is it as annoying as a wedgy in a public place here!

I swear the theme song for folks out here should be "Fake People" by TLC. It's so weird how city folk can be...

I was telling Jersey, at LEAST on the East coast people have valid reasons for flaking...I wouldn't go out in 20 degree weather either. We've been flaked on so much we've now started to refer to each other as Tony the tiger. Because that's neither cool or sexy, the two of us have decided we're no longer going to initiate hangouts with certain folks. We're always stretching ourselves and making sure we're accountable to friends and we don't receive the same back. That's three strikes in my book.

Did my parents ever have to deal with folks like this? Are people in my generation less mature than our parents'? I don't know but I never thought I'd be thinking these things at 31. That's for darn skippy.


  1. I have been wondering how the whole "friendship" thang has been working out over the year, since I know I talked w/ you about it more when you first left Middle Earth (lol). I do think people are less mature! But I also think everyone deals with flakes and it takes all of us some time to figure out how to deal with them - which box to place them in. I tend to have a hard time giving up on people who aren't as good a friend to me as I am to them, but I think it's a necessary skill, and very healthy to cut dead weight. Aaand, PS: sorry for stalking your blog this week! lol


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