Day With Dara

Yesterday I brought a friend lunch from Porto's (my stomach just ached while typing that ish) and we sat for a bit talking about babies (although Nehe is sort of a man child now), boys and pastry perfections. I had this delicious chicken sandwhich I always get that involves a chicken, some goat cheese and purple onion all having a party in my mouth. Dara got some goodies for her and Nehe and together the three of us sat there in mmm mmm heaven. I tried a meat pie for the first time. There's seriously nothing in that place that is boo boo to eat. EVERYTHING is good. It's just not right...It's like someone made a deal with a food devil or something...

Too good...much too good.

...of course we got smoothies (strawberry green tea is the poison I choose every durn time)


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