Class last Saturday was really REALLY good for me. I was driving in (totally scared out of my mind and talking my lines over out loud...which garnered me some stares from folks) just knowing that  my good luck and talent praises would run out. 

I was so used to other acting coaches constantly tearing me me just a little hope; then knocking the wind out of me that I just knew I was in for some lashings.

...Except that never happened. My partner Thai and I got up there and KILLED it on our first try. After that we just got to work on trying new directions...making different choices but we were listening, we were emoting the hell out of that piece and doing the dang thing. At one point my beloved coach asked me to take a bow. I swear I couldn't have smiled any bigger. It was like my mom, the President of the United States and that cool English guy from Babe had all said "Well done pig. Well done."

So yeah...I've finally reached that moment where I'm confident in my acting skills. I know I've got it. There's no shaking me. That doesn't mean I get to stop practicing and there won't be roles that are hella hard for me to do...It just means I've got that good ole performance DNA necessary to be believable. It's all a gal like me could ever ask for. 

I'm in LOVE with my dream this week. IN LOVE!!! (I sang that.)

Doing what she does best


My lucky number was drawn...Good when you don't want to go first, but ya don't want to go last either


  1. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. If I were there, I'd give you a big proud-momma hug.


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