Candlesticks Schmandlesticks

So this is the month Jersey and I have planned to start the decorating back up again. Little by little I plan to make this place more personable and interesting. If I have to look at one more yellow bare wall I may just lose my darn mind.

Who knew a happy color could make someone go mad.

For the living room I'm trying to incorporate more color...I want dark blues and rich oranges and corals. Gold and silver pops and art damn it! Lots of art! I can't wait for my art. Waaaaa.

1. I found these groovy candlestick holders from I plan to buy some candlesticks that are bright orange and throw them up on the mantel for some color popage. 2. Westelm comes out with beautiful pillows all the time. The only problem is they're gone as quick as they come. Have to move quick! 3. Found this art on Apt2B...Saving up for that little gem.


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