Background Work

Ah, the life of an actor...

Yesterday I did some background work for a film. I have no idea what that film is called or when it will be released but Dot (The Beast) from Glee was there as well as the totally awesome mentor/teacher from Teen Witch. All the cool kids in the house will totally know who I'm talking about.

I arrived early for the gig and was promptly introduced to the director and producers. (Totally nice, didn't expect that) and then sat and played iPhone word games until it was time to do my thug thizzle. Thug thizzling included sitting there at a coffee shop and silently miming words to other background folks. It's a hard job let me tell ya.

Actually you have to sit there bored for a long period of time while actors eat and drink around you (and you're not offered anything) and it's freaking cold and people are sipping hot coffee while your lips turn blue. It's humbling for sure.

Dot from Glee was super sweet to everyone (including the background folks). The chick who was doing most of the scenes I was in...not so much. I complimented her on her shoes and she acted like I wasn't even there. I totally forgot the must not talk to principles...Talking to the peons (aka little people) is blasphemy!

When I had to leave the director publicly announced I was going and made everyone clap for me and say thank you. It was pretty nice. Maybe some day a grip will remember me and recommend me for my silent miming skills and I shall be awesomely discovered.

Ya just never know...

This grip was hilarious. He yelled at a chick for moving that cup that's near me. In the movie, My Week With Marilyn, a grip yells at this guy for moving a chair. That ish really happens. Don't mess (or help) the unions!  

They made me wear this vile thing so I'd look different in a scene. Ewww

The mean girl


  1. Well, dang. I know experiences like this can be encouraging or discouraging from one minute to the next, but consider the silver lining. When you film your E! True Hollywood Story, this will be a nice little anecdote. That's what I always tell myself when I get rejected/dissed/ignored. Keep going, love!

  2. You know it sister! Seriously learning to be humble is a gift. I appreciate all the hard stuff at the end of the day! :) ♥

  3. Congrats girl! You have to start somewhere. All celebrities have footage of them doing background work when they first started. You never know what the future holds.


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