Background Work: The Film Has Been Named!

Just figured out the name of the film. It's 40 is the New Dead. No IMDB yet but I'll keep ya posted!

I actually got an email from the guy who asked me to do the background work. He's a producer on the film:

Dear Tish-FIRST THING the director asked me after you left set was, "Since when did you start hanging out with supermodels?" You made quite an impression, which I suspect you are used to, but for us it was a treat to have you stop in and play for a few hours. If you had a good time and liked the experience, my vote is that you  blab away!
I owe you big time,

That was THE best compliment a gal like me could get. Why? It means I stuck out. In this business you better have some sort of sore thumb 'sumthin going on or your career is gonna be fubar!


  1. Awesome! I soo wanna be your groupie when you make it big!

  2. I agree with the above! LOL!!

  3. Who said it...Oprah? Maya? Somebody important and paraphrase: People may not remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel.

    The way you carry yourself and treat other people is darn near as important as your skillz...


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