Back to School

I'm back in acting classes. The acting classes I started when I very first moved out here. I study under a woman named Michele Lamar awesome actress, teacher and mentor. She's zany to boot...I wrote a whole chapter on her in my book. The chapter title: Walk With My Vagina. (Advice she once gave me...she's anything but predictable.)

I rocked the class. For one of my monologues she actually stood up and clapped. (Standing ovations always make my heart happy.) I had a "crystalline performance" according to the lady. It totally made my day...month...YEAR.

I haven't been in classes for so long, but according to Michele my acting has improved. Man does it feel good to hear positive feedback about something so very near and dear to my heart and sanity.

Monologues chosen: A scene from White Oleander and a scene from Pretty Woman. I finally accepted my Julia Roberts-ness.

Take a moment. Start when you're ready

The coach

The stage


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