Arm Pits

On Saturday I partook in a good ole fashioned LA activity-I got my arm pit hairs lasered!


One of my gal pals from book club was raving about her hairless arm pits so Celina and I joined her for some laser action. Celina told me that ish wouldn't hurt, but it did and then some. It feels like a rubber band is snapping you...but it was worth it. I have to get a couple of treatments and then I should have next to nothing under those bad boys. I'll never look like a French woman! Pretty snazzy for a hairy little beast like me.

Oh the joy of not having to shave. I think I've found an addiction. I'm about to go buck buck getting rid of hairs. No body hair!

Well...I'm still trying to figure out how folks manage to get their hoo hoo lasered. If under arms hurt like that I can't imagine the pain of rubber bands slapping the inside of your butt crack and panty line.



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