31 Reasons to be Grateful

Now that I'm 31 you'd think I'd get used to all the outpourings of love that come my way on my birthday but it still moves me to tears.

J and Jersey really out did themselves yesterday morning. I woke up to birthday pancakes complete with candle and gifts. But not just gifts for gifts' sake...J and Mark were super duper thoughtful and sweet and it made my day. There's something about people getting me that makes my heart jump.

Jersey got me gloves for when I lift weights. I've been complaining about the calluses on my hands for months now. I was tickled green to open them up. J wrote me this really sweet note explaining her gifts; something for my day job, something for my FBG job and something for my dream. That kind of stuff really touches me. I'm a sentimental gal. What can I say.

I worked and had lunch with my gal pal Tuanh. Eating outside on a brisk, but sunny day was the best. We laughed and gabbed over gyros and then shared a birthday baklava.

Later Jersey and I went out to dinner to this place I've been wanting to try for awhile now called Take a Bao. The name alone makes me snort laugh. I had the best basil chicken and a Hemingway Daiquiri that had me tripping over my words. (Clever drink name indeed!) Jersey had the short rib "Bi Bim Bop" that had tons of spicy, good kimchi in it. He drank a Gin Fizz that was magically delicious. It was good soul/Seoul food for sure.

And then after dinner...a surprise red velvet cake

Loved every bit of my birthday. Thanks to all the folks who sent along some Pisces luv!


  1. Your birthday looks so fun and delicious! I want to go to Take a Bao something fierce!

    You look so happy and loved on your 31st!

  2. So happy you enjoyed your Birthday Tish. I love celebrating them especially with the very important people in my life. Cheers!


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