31 on the 13th

There's gotta be something magical and cool about turning 31 on the 13th...Just gotta be!

I was a schmuck and didn't take today off, but it's a Tuesday so I'll be okay. While a spa day would have been nice it's just not as fun on a Tuuuuesday....aloooone while everyone else is working.

I plan to do the real celebrating this weekend with Jersey and friends on St. Patty's Day. How beautiful and snazzy is the Big Guy Upstairs for allowing me to celebrate my favorite holiday on a day when it's mandatory people wear green?! We're hitting up a delicious spot in Pasadena called the Magnolia Lounge that I haven't been to in YEARS. Pictures and stories to come sooner than later. I can't wait for the green! I can't wait for the food! I can't wait for the DRANK!

As for turning another year older and officially tiptoeing passed that 30 year mark...well it doesn't feel much different. In fact I spazzed out more when my kid sister said she's turning 27 this year...when that happens THEN I shall feel old.

I'm a kid at heart. Age is just a number at this point. Now...that being said I would LOVE to get that acting, marriage and baby thing cracking soon. While I feel like a kid that doesn't mean I have the body of a kid lol...Pop pop life! Pop pop!

This was last year's surprise treat. No clue what will come for my 31 flavors Day!


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