Clever Censoring


Am I the last person in the world to figure this out? LOVE.IT.

This shirt is totally inappropriate if you think about the fact that one of my grandfather's names is Richard. Even with that ick factor it's still clever. I have the maturity of a 12 year old boy...Does this surprise you?

Two-Day Detox

Yo yo yo!

I'm doing a two-day detox (without the denial!) for an FBG project. Anyone down to do it with me? I'd love to see how it works on folks who eat differently than I do and workout differently.

You WILL be eating (I can't drink all my foods all day...I have to chomp. I'd go mad.)

Holla if interested! I'm starting next Monday.

Woo to the hoooo!

(Just send me an email to Tish at luvandkiwi dot com)

A Yoga Yank

I don't know how it happens, but I'm constantly being hoodwinked and bamboozled into doing yoga. I don't know how the bestie pulled off this one (She swears up and down and all around that she didn't know the DVD I needed to review was a yoga one) but here I am...downward dogging and looking at the screen with my flustered "what?!" face.

I never got yoga...don't get the body doesn't get the poses. My brain doesn't like to relax. I'm neurotic. Neurotic folks don't DO yoga.

There's no point to this post other than I needed to wine and share my yoga failings with you all. I give props to those who find inner peace and good ish from whispering namaste. Get on with your peaceful selves!

I'll stick to my grunts and monkey mind.

of course my mat is green. come on!

Pop Goes the Color Cuz the Color Goes POP!


I'm in LOVE with Coachella planning. The music, the weather, the friendships, the naps under the sun while my friends sway to the's ALL SO FLUFFY!!! (Despicable Me reference)

It's fast approaching. I've got my bracelet registered AND my lineup selected. This trip with my girls will be just what the doctor ordered!

My Lineup:

Mazzy Star
Neon Indian
The Black Keys
Ximena Sarinana
Azealia Banks
Bon Iver
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
St. Vincent
The Shins
Beats Antique
Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
Florence and the Machine
Girl Talk
The Hives


I hate that game. I'm over that game. That is all.


Goes along with my whole 30-something old crisis.

where are we?
what the hell is going on?
the dust has only just begun to form
crop circles in the carpet
sinking feeling

hide and seek
trains and sewing machines
all those years 
they were here first

mmm whatcha say,
mmm that you only meant well?
well of course you did
Mmmm whatcha say
Mmmm that it's all for the best?
of course it is
Mmmm whatcha say?
Mmmm that it's just what we need
you decided this...

Time Keeps on Ticking

I read a stupid book that was supposed to keep me from freaking out that I was off the "timeline" that states you should be married with kids and have the career you've always wanting by 30. Instead it made me obsess even the point where I'm now feeling my age. 30 and doing nada. Grey hairs in the eyebrow...OH WHOAS ME! HOW CRUEL FATHER TIME IS!

Grrr. The sucky part is Jersey totally doesn't get it. Obviously the fellow doesn't understand. Biological clocks don't exist in the world of penis and Old Spice (lucky arse). He's already got the job he went to college for and worked hard to get...his little sperms will always be able to knock out have it made.

So I'm out here by myself, twiddling my fingers wondering if my life is always going to suck just a little bit.

I've been trying to really embrace the gratitudes I do with J every day...just to remember that I do have stuff...I keep playing the but game though...which is BAD. Like for instance, I have a great place BUT I don't have the money to decorate the ish out of it. I have great friends BUT I don't have the funds to play with them all that often. I'm in acting classes BUT I still haven't landed any paying jobs and my agency is still searching for a replacement agent for me.

Life is hard and it blows and I want a snack.

Day With Dara

Yesterday I brought a friend lunch from Porto's (my stomach just ached while typing that ish) and we sat for a bit talking about babies (although Nehe is sort of a man child now), boys and pastry perfections. I had this delicious chicken sandwhich I always get that involves a chicken, some goat cheese and purple onion all having a party in my mouth. Dara got some goodies for her and Nehe and together the three of us sat there in mmm mmm heaven. I tried a meat pie for the first time. There's seriously nothing in that place that is boo boo to eat. EVERYTHING is good. It's just not right...It's like someone made a deal with a food devil or something...

Too good...much too good.

...of course we got smoothies (strawberry green tea is the poison I choose every durn time)


I wanted this for a long time so finally Jersey bit my bullet for me and bought it. I really do get a strong, fierce kick out of decorating. It sucks that I'm too broke to do it all at once but these little delivery treats are fun.

I think my mailman thinks I'm some sort of used car parts salesperson or a drug dealer because home girl is seriously getting ish in the mail EVERY.DAY.

If it's not for the home it's for my FBG bawd. I love multiple Christmas time! (Even more so when I have absolutely no cash to spare...makes me forget for tiny moments that I'm a poor bloke.)


Class last Saturday was really REALLY good for me. I was driving in (totally scared out of my mind and talking my lines over out loud...which garnered me some stares from folks) just knowing that  my good luck and talent praises would run out. 

I was so used to other acting coaches constantly tearing me me just a little hope; then knocking the wind out of me that I just knew I was in for some lashings.

...Except that never happened. My partner Thai and I got up there and KILLED it on our first try. After that we just got to work on trying new directions...making different choices but we were listening, we were emoting the hell out of that piece and doing the dang thing. At one point my beloved coach asked me to take a bow. I swear I couldn't have smiled any bigger. It was like my mom, the President of the United States and that cool English guy from Babe had all said "Well done pig. Well done."

So yeah...I've finally reached that moment where I'm confident in my acting skills. I know I've got it. There's no shaking me. That doesn't mean I get to stop practicing and there won't be roles that are hella hard for me to do...It just means I've got that good ole performance DNA necessary to be believable. It's all a gal like me could ever ask for. 

I'm in LOVE with my dream this week. IN LOVE!!! (I sang that.)

Doing what she does best


My lucky number was drawn...Good when you don't want to go first, but ya don't want to go last either

Hunger games


It Begins

We finally got our bed! Next it's a dresser and our bedside tables. Some day...It'll be awhile before I can shell out more cash for furniture, but it's a good start.

Flies on the Walls

I was reading Lisa Lees's story about who's real in social media...and then an excerpt from this book called Your So-Called Life by Andrea Lavinthal and Jessica Rozler.

When blogs came on the scene I was in heaven...finally a chance to be a fly on the wall and see how folks really lived...too bad it's never really turned into that...and people's truths are held back. I'm not talking about the TMI bowel movements; I'm talking about opinions, theories, actual stories pertaining to something that happened and how it made the person feel...

I'm nosy by nature...hell, it's why I want to be an actor in some ways...You get to experience other people's truths...the truths hidden usually behind closed doors and shut down by blank expressions and emotional hangups.

Something I'm seeing though...the more popular social media gets the more closed off folks become. Yeah they still share pictures and ascribe little comments but when push comes to shove I still don't have a rats ass what it means? You never see people saying why they're sad, upset, totally happy, vindicated, whatever.

How many truths do we actually get to experience in any given day? Not many. I was looking at a picture on Instagram and I swear I had like five questions for that one picture in less than a minute. As a writer, I can safely say a picture isn't worth a thousand words.

Why is it so hard to be emotionally honest and public for most people? Why is it so taboo to share our human experiences? No clue, but I'll continue to share. Getting it all out is cathartic as heck for me.

A Moment Near the Stove

Jersey came home the other night to a girlfriend crying in the kitchen. Not because I was sad, but because I'm the biggest wuss when it comes to chopping onions. He came in, wrapped his arms around me and teased my puny tears.

Then he went to work helping me chop, boil and pull together our meal. Marry Me by Train came on (happens to be one of my favorite songs) and I got to sit and listen to him attempt high notes...I promise I shall get that man on tape either rapping, attempting the high notes AND singing Marilyn songs from Smash. All leaving me wanting to pee my pants, but so far the sneaky beast has alluded my lens.

I love those kind of nights. Those are the nights I thank my lucky stars that I found a man so kind, fun and goofy. How does that happen? I dated so many shatheads in my life...SO many bad dudes. I think I got all of those frogs so that I would appreciate the wanker I'm with...I tell him all the time he's great and wonderful and perfect FOR ME.

...So we danced slow motion in the kitchen while I said, "thank you thank you thank you God for the tight buns I'm currently squeezing."


3.22.2012 I love thee!

You all know I'm a blogging fool. I love writing. I love reading. I'm a bit obsessed. One of my current obsessions is Kelly's newest blog Herringbone Lane. She's this amazing design dear who posts oodles of design inspiration. Some day I shall have her over to my abode and let her go mad, buck buck wild with design suggestions for my place. I promise I'm not stalking. She already said she'd help!

We're cool like cool that she tagged my behind in a fun little blog game that I do believe I will participate in.

Rules of the Game:
  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you
  • Create 11 questions of your own for the people you tag
  • Tag 11 people and link them in your post. (I oopsied and accidentally tagged 12. Sue me.)
  • Let them know you've tagged them
Kelly's Preguntas:

Can you juggle?
Nope. Sure can't.

If you had to leave your home quickly and couldn't go back, what are 3 things you'd take (aside from people/pets)?
I'd take this little bunny knick knack that belonged to my father, my very first journal I ever kept when I first learned to write and a photo album my mom put together for me that chronicles my kiddo years.

How do you typically spend a Sunday?
Sundays are lazy days. I usually sleep in. Buy groceries and memorize lines for acting class.

What actor would you want to portray you in a movie?
Me! Mwahahahaaaaa

Have you ever had stitches? Where and why?
Yep. I just had stitches in my toe. I had foot surgery last November to remove a cyst in my blood vessel. Talk about pain!

Do you have a nickname?
Too many to count: Fish Stick, Fish, Tish the Fish, Tish the Dish, Tisha, Ugly (thanks Mom), Hun Bun

What is your favorite word?

Sweet or sour? Which do you prefer?
I guess sweet although I don't really have an affinity for either. My taste buds suck.

What are three yellow things near you right now?
A post-it note with work gibber jab on it, my little Melancholy man has a yellow flower on his shoulder and I have these two art pieces hanging in my office with pops of color in them. :)

What's your cocktail/drink of choice?
I'm a sangria girl. I could live on sangria!!! So rich and romantic. I swear it's godlicious nectar.

Why do you blog?
I've always written (see answer to question 2) so when blogging came along it was just the next natural step to dishing out what's always circulating in my brain. I swear I'd go a bit batty if I couldn't write. There's just something addicting about the whole process.

My turn!

11 Questions:

1. What's your favorite blog to read and why?
2. What are three things you're most grateful for today?
3. When did you last toot?
4. What did you want to be when you were a little kid?
5. What's your favorite film and why?
6. What advice changed your life?
7. Who's your shero?
8. Are you on Twitter?
9. What is your favorite song right now?
10. What's your favorite book?
11. What brings you joy?

Tag Time:

Peace Love Nicole
Don't Forget the Gloss
Mommy Dreamest
My Walmart Sells Jesus Jammies
Sunny Side Up
Helena Handbasket
A Bit Fairy Tale
Cafe Con Leche
Don't Worry About It
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Soup Kitchen
Butterflies and Dragonflies

Acting Partners

I met my acting pawtnuh yesterday. She came over to go over the scene we're doing together this weekend. It was really nice to meet someone knew, get to know her and her background and then scream at each other for both loving the same man.

We actually never screamed but we do love the same man. This is why I love acting. I love meeting someone who gets it and feels the same way about it...It's not a desperate need (yet) but it's a substantial one for sure.

She's super duper talented...there's a group of us green hungry actors out in LA (you big shot directors) who are some day gonna make you giggle like dough boys.


Jersey laughs at me but it's serious holiday time in the Tishy household when the Restoration Hardware catalog comes in. Whoever photographs this ish is brilliant! The light, the clarity, the glowwwwww. 

I pretend like one of two peeps:  I'm super duper rich (and some sort of ex dashing male pilot) and then I go to town trying to find the perfect pieces for my man cave. Then I'm me again and my eyeballs start plucking out pieces that would create the perfect mood in a guest bedroom.

I love how passionate the brand is about the tiniest details. Who gives you that many light bulb and door knob choices!?

...It's beautiful really.

Jade is the New Black

I'm loving the green OPI polish I got from a gal pal for my birfday. It's the perfect quirky green. They make me want to write a haiku or do something snazzy! 

The power of a good green. Who knew?!

My Ovaries are Throbbing!

Could she be any cuter?! 

Cheap and Charming

I asked Jersey if we could buy some chip clips (because we need them) and he said we didn't need them...he'd just get some binder clips from work. 

You thought you knew cheap...That is cheap and a side of extra.

Fakers and Flakers: How LA People Suck

How weird are LA friendships?!

The other day in book club my gal pal Glenda and I were discussing our social insecure LA transplants are about meeting up with folks. It's an honest insecurity. A lot of people in LA's like some sort of rite of passage. People are weird about asking you to hang out, you're feeling like you stink or something when in fact folks just assume people don't want to hang so they don't ask.

Jersey and I were grumbling about LA flakers and fakers. It makes it really hard to get out there and friend stalk. You don't want to invite folks to do ish because you know they're gonna flake and then you end up feeling like that poor kid who's always picked last for dodge ball.

I don't remember this ever being a problem in Middle Earth but man is it as annoying as a wedgy in a public place here!

I swear the theme song for folks out here should be "Fake People" by TLC. It's so weird how city folk can be...

I was telling Jersey, at LEAST on the East coast people have valid reasons for flaking...I wouldn't go out in 20 degree weather either. We've been flaked on so much we've now started to refer to each other as Tony the tiger. Because that's neither cool or sexy, the two of us have decided we're no longer going to initiate hangouts with certain folks. We're always stretching ourselves and making sure we're accountable to friends and we don't receive the same back. That's three strikes in my book.

Did my parents ever have to deal with folks like this? Are people in my generation less mature than our parents'? I don't know but I never thought I'd be thinking these things at 31. That's for darn skippy.

Background Work: The Film Has Been Named!

Just figured out the name of the film. It's 40 is the New Dead. No IMDB yet but I'll keep ya posted!

I actually got an email from the guy who asked me to do the background work. He's a producer on the film:

Dear Tish-FIRST THING the director asked me after you left set was, "Since when did you start hanging out with supermodels?" You made quite an impression, which I suspect you are used to, but for us it was a treat to have you stop in and play for a few hours. If you had a good time and liked the experience, my vote is that you  blab away!
I owe you big time,

That was THE best compliment a gal like me could get. Why? It means I stuck out. In this business you better have some sort of sore thumb 'sumthin going on or your career is gonna be fubar!

Bobbi Brown Makeup Counter

I was running an errand up at the mall when a makeup fellow from the Bobbi Brown counter stopped me and made me play with him until his shift was over. 

The results were awesome. I love getting primped. He took me from the first pic to a gal who didn't get carded at the grocery store when she bought some prosecco. If you live in Southern Cali and need some magical makeup man time go to Andre at Bobbi Brown. He gave me his information so that I can stalk and pimp him.

Pie Lady

For book club I thought it would be nice to change things up a bit so Friday night I made my momma's famous banana dessert pie...while drinking some bourbon.

You can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the Southern charm out of the girl.

Background Work

Ah, the life of an actor...

Yesterday I did some background work for a film. I have no idea what that film is called or when it will be released but Dot (The Beast) from Glee was there as well as the totally awesome mentor/teacher from Teen Witch. All the cool kids in the house will totally know who I'm talking about.

I arrived early for the gig and was promptly introduced to the director and producers. (Totally nice, didn't expect that) and then sat and played iPhone word games until it was time to do my thug thizzle. Thug thizzling included sitting there at a coffee shop and silently miming words to other background folks. It's a hard job let me tell ya.

Actually you have to sit there bored for a long period of time while actors eat and drink around you (and you're not offered anything) and it's freaking cold and people are sipping hot coffee while your lips turn blue. It's humbling for sure.

Dot from Glee was super sweet to everyone (including the background folks). The chick who was doing most of the scenes I was in...not so much. I complimented her on her shoes and she acted like I wasn't even there. I totally forgot the must not talk to principles...Talking to the peons (aka little people) is blasphemy!

When I had to leave the director publicly announced I was going and made everyone clap for me and say thank you. It was pretty nice. Maybe some day a grip will remember me and recommend me for my silent miming skills and I shall be awesomely discovered.

Ya just never know...

This grip was hilarious. He yelled at a chick for moving that cup that's near me. In the movie, My Week With Marilyn, a grip yells at this guy for moving a chair. That ish really happens. Don't mess (or help) the unions!  

They made me wear this vile thing so I'd look different in a scene. Ewww

The mean girl

Corruption on the Job

Me: i won't say a darn thing lol. no rocking the boat. even if the boat is poop

Coworker: and then we pull out when convenient..sometimes :)

Me: that's what she said. ha!

Coworker: who?

Me: oh you goody goody's a naughty joke. you say "that's what she says" after something perverted. you said pull out lol. get it?!

The first time I ever get a "that's what she said" right it totally goes over a head. Life is cruel.

A Love Note

I have never loved a morning note more... I cracked up so hard I almost spilled my darn coffee!

Candlesticks Schmandlesticks

So this is the month Jersey and I have planned to start the decorating back up again. Little by little I plan to make this place more personable and interesting. If I have to look at one more yellow bare wall I may just lose my darn mind.

Who knew a happy color could make someone go mad.

For the living room I'm trying to incorporate more color...I want dark blues and rich oranges and corals. Gold and silver pops and art damn it! Lots of art! I can't wait for my art. Waaaaa.

1. I found these groovy candlestick holders from I plan to buy some candlesticks that are bright orange and throw them up on the mantel for some color popage. 2. Westelm comes out with beautiful pillows all the time. The only problem is they're gone as quick as they come. Have to move quick! 3. Found this art on Apt2B...Saving up for that little gem.

Friends with Kids

Last night I met up with B for a "me me night" as I like to call it. Sometimes you just need some good girl time...a little wine, some nom nom and a good ole chick flick.

Went and saw Friends with Kids at the Arclight. It did not disappoint. Don't expect this movie to be anything like Bridesmaids. Yes, it's almost the same exact cast but it's this awesome, honest, sometimes funny/sometimes serious story about folks with kids. (Hope I didn't ruin anything for ya there.)

The acting was great and I was oh-so-proud of Jennifer Westfeldt for writing, directing and acting in this. Girl power! I like leaving a movie feeling like I got some good truths...The story as a whole speaks to the 31 year old in me...the one who's thinking it's time to start popping out some little awesomes soon.

Two green thumbs up! Go see it! Then come back and tell me what you thought!

Illustration by Clayton Junior 

iPhone Pictures Mid March

Yes, that is me using vegetables to make a man's pee pee. Who says maturity comes with age.

Hit Save

Two days ago I realized I had sent the wrong pages to my editor...The book that I corrected that took me so very long to do is gone...

I have no idea why I can't find any saved copies of that bad boy, but my ass was twitching left and right yesterday trying to dig through all my computer files and my backup drive. I swear it's like some mean little goblin got into my computer and decided to poop on my hard work.

That's the kind of poop I don't appreciate. (Yes, there are certain poops I adore.)

So guess what I'm doing for the next couple of weeks. Thank GOD I wrote my last edits out on actual paper and kept the copy!!!

That darn book. While looking around I found my very first edit from 2009. THREE YEARS I've been sweating this book! I tell ya what...

31 Reasons to be Grateful

Now that I'm 31 you'd think I'd get used to all the outpourings of love that come my way on my birthday but it still moves me to tears.

J and Jersey really out did themselves yesterday morning. I woke up to birthday pancakes complete with candle and gifts. But not just gifts for gifts' sake...J and Mark were super duper thoughtful and sweet and it made my day. There's something about people getting me that makes my heart jump.

Jersey got me gloves for when I lift weights. I've been complaining about the calluses on my hands for months now. I was tickled green to open them up. J wrote me this really sweet note explaining her gifts; something for my day job, something for my FBG job and something for my dream. That kind of stuff really touches me. I'm a sentimental gal. What can I say.

I worked and had lunch with my gal pal Tuanh. Eating outside on a brisk, but sunny day was the best. We laughed and gabbed over gyros and then shared a birthday baklava.

Later Jersey and I went out to dinner to this place I've been wanting to try for awhile now called Take a Bao. The name alone makes me snort laugh. I had the best basil chicken and a Hemingway Daiquiri that had me tripping over my words. (Clever drink name indeed!) Jersey had the short rib "Bi Bim Bop" that had tons of spicy, good kimchi in it. He drank a Gin Fizz that was magically delicious. It was good soul/Seoul food for sure.

And then after dinner...a surprise red velvet cake

Loved every bit of my birthday. Thanks to all the folks who sent along some Pisces luv!
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