Wheat Grass

I'm obsessed with wheat grass shots at Jamba juice. During marathon training I'd promise myself a shot if I could just make it to mile 5, 8, 10...

While they still taste like I'm licking lawn (don't be dirty) I know they're making my innards just lovely so I keep knocking them back. 

I love when there are Jamba newbies around. They see the green stuff...then they see me pick it up and delicately bring it to my lips (pinky up) then they see me knock it back and I see little up chuck spasms start. 

I love making peoples' tummies turn, what can I say.


  1. You'd be one of those gaggers I'd laugh at.

  2. !!!

    Tish, this was like WHOA, memory lane.

    Fall 1999
    first semester at college
    coming from (middle earth) I had never had the pleasure of being acquainted with jamba juice.

    My freshman dining card actually COVERED THE JAMBA JUICE STAND ON CAMPUS!!!

    First week of school I see this girl standing at the counter with a little green cup JUST like your picture. She throws her head back and then places the empty cup on the counter. (I'm staring like the dumbfounded missourian that I am...I mean, why drink grass?) and she looks up and me and gives me a HUGE smile.

    And not kidding, her teeth were bright green!

    It's a picture that's etched into my brain.


    ps...they definitely didn't have those snazzy little plates back then!


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