The Vow

Oh what a sentimental gal I am...

On Friday night I went and saw The Vow. Yes, I knew it was a chick flick and I didn't care one darn bit. I love sappy good stuff. I say why not. Why not see two people smiling and cooing at each other. I like to watch flicks that contribute to the good stuff that makes the world go 'round. (Watching scary, evil ish has never been my bag...just feeding a global pain body.)

So yes, I saw the movie and I liked it. Yeah...I couldn't stop staring at Channing's baby teeth or his weird hair cut and even weirder physique (something wonky was going on with his chest to arm ratio) but his weird little quirks weren't enough to distract me from the overall flick.

I still found myself getting angry and frustrated, sad and happy...basically captivated. The movie was two hours long, but it didn't feel like a long arse movie. I did keep waiting for someone to die...Doesn't someone usually die in a Nicholas Spark's movie? Sorry if I spoiled that for anyone. I'm pretty sure I was the only one waiting for that in the theater, though. I didn't cry once during the darn thing, which is good!

Nope...didn't cry until the movie ended and a message came up stating that the whole darn movie was based on two real people. Based on a true story? Damn it! Tears started welling up in my eyeballs.

Something about losing your memory...your life and the love of your life. Well that's just a little too much for Tishy. Jersey leaned over at one point and said, "I'd just show you your blogs."

Cute, yes, but I don't really blog about him like that lol...not enough to convince my new memory-challenged self that I loved the boy enough to marry him!!! I can't be mushy...Don't expect me to start writing that stuff here BUT I do give you all permission to tell me what's up if that were to ever happen.

Just saying...

I must now go sip tea and push down that problematic frog that keep trying to jump out of my throat.


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