Super Bowl #46

What a great party! Seriously!
Living in a big space makes party time excellent (Wayne's World!)
Jersey and I woke up early on Saturday morning and did all the shopping for the big day...that night we prepped the food, watched a scary movie, The Rite, with Anthony "frickin scary" Hopkins and crashed. Next bright and cheerful morning we woke at 7am to the delightful sound of our neighbor's demolition crew tearing the shat out of their town home. Nice,eh? The Positive Pollyanna in me thought, "Well since they're making all of this noise at silly times of the day, they won't mind us making a whole bunch of noise this afternoon."

Everything works out, don't ya think?!

Katarina came over first, toting bags full of stuff she needed to cook at our place. We had bourbon wings, mac n cheese ball things, dips, veggies, cupcakes, chili, turkey burgers...My stomach is starting to get ready for a pooh just because of this rehash I tell ya!
The gang started to trickle in around 3 (late little buggers) and the party picked up quick. We had some Patriot fans, but for the most part it was cheers and beers for the Giants.

Everyone was getting along and having a blast...Some Don Julio tequila shots may have been slammed at different touchdowns/great plays...
It was a great party...I love all the people that came. Watching Jersey turn drunk red in the face (Asian thing) with his crazy pals was delightful. Super Bowl #46, you were snaz-tastic! Thank youuuuu!
...And a Victor Cruz salsa dance to you all!

It was written...
Jersey and New York are ready (ignore the basketball)

Our neighbors from the old days...How we miss them!
Momma D knows how to prep her kid for battle!

Yes, even I rocked some love

Moon, Jersey and some Renee nail biting...Great intense game!

The Amazon's King and Queen (and a Loverchini)
Twendy and Loverchini
Creative friends, don't ya think?!


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