The Princess Bride

How has he never seen this movie?! When he heard, "Does anybody wanna a peanut?" he screamed because it's been quote in so many movies...

Where did he think these beautiful lines came from?! Forgetting Sarah Marshall?! Hmph (good movie too, btw)

He of COURSE loved it. How could he not, though?

As I type this, the quotes are running through your head, right? 

"Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday."


  1. I made Ryan watch it and he ended up loving it too! I'm so glad it held the test of time. Often, movies from my childhood may be near and dear to my heart but may not be a good movie to watch now as adults in 2012. The Princess Bride was great now -- years and years later. Yay!

  2. One of the best movies EVER. Seriously, everyone needs to see it.


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