Acting is hard. It becomes even harder when you're beating yourself up for not finding the right connects, the right moments, the right ins AND those around you are also beating you up; wondering why you haven't gotten in it's really easy or something.


I'm going to improv tonight...why I'm not sure. Because it shows people I mean it...because maybe I'm supposed to be doing this stuff...again with the sighs.

I can't WAIT for IT to happen.

I received this email from Mr. Universe this morning:

It's not from the known, but the unknown, tish, that creativity and inventiveness are born.

Turn away from the predictable, cliché, and reliable. Brave the void where the darkness is greatest. Trust the quiet, find the stillness, feel the calm. Then steadily think, speak, and move as if you were led. Behave as if your vision were clear. Anticipate the emotional rush that will come with your triumph. And as if by magic, as you raise your pen to write, you'll find the words have already been summoned, flooded in light that was there all along, in a world that has just as anxiously anticipated your arrival.

Just don't let them worship you, tish.

The Universe


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