My Words are in Another Book!

Years ago I contributed to a book about my college experience. It was cool to see my words in a bookaroo, but it didn't have anything to do with any of my goals for my future so I scooted a long with life and just checked that off the "B" Bucket List. 

Then I just received a copy of a book I was interviewed for almost two years ago. This one's actually about me and acting...that little dream I've been chasing so I guess it's an "A" Bucket Lister. I'm actually excited about this bad boy. It involves a head shot and pages of my funny, intelligent banter than some big time director will more than likely read and love. 

Then said director will hunt me down much like Duran Duran's chick from the Hungry Like a Wolf video and the rest will be the future. 

The book is called Confessions of a Working Actor. I'm an actor...and I DO have a job...just not in the industry quite yet :)

It's only just begun~Karen Carpenter

Pelvic thrusts of joy!


  1. Congrats! Is it available on Kindle? I'll totally buy that bad boy.

  2. It's an eBook but I don't know if that means it's in Amazon land quite yet. Here's the link:

  3. So very proud of you! (and a tiny bit jealous) So, so, SO proud!

  4. Thanks Brigid! Your behind has been in a commercial so I'm jealous of you. We're jealous twins.


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