May I Be Frank

I saw a movie that's kind of the perfect thing to talk about on Valentines Day.

May I Be Frank is a documentary about a man who accidentally walks into a vegan/raw restaurant in San Francisco and walks away with a mission and team ready to transform. It deals with health, diet, closet skeletons...the works.

Random thing to do on a Saturday night, right? I have no idea how I end up getting to experience all of the cool things that come my way. J received a random media invite so we headed to the Agape Center to check it out. We had no clue what we'd get, but it sounded like a fun adventure. And honestly I was a bit cynical going in. There was a lot of hippidy dippidy stuff happening that I couldn't quite make sense of. J just kept whispering to me, "Be an anthropologist..." and it worked.

I let down my walls and out came the joy. I enjoyed the ish out of that film! I really did. Frank, the guy in the film, drops endearing eff bombs and shows us all that transformation isn't linear or easy...but totally possible.

It's the kind of love I can get down with on a day like today. Self Love, yo!


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