LA's Magic...

Sometimes I forget just how magic and random Los Angeles is.

I work full-time for an insurance company...I work from home. I don't get dressed most days until it's time to go to the gym at 4 in the evening. Life is far from glamorous or interesting most days...

Then the magic La La Land Fairy comes and sprinkles her ish and POOF! I'm at an event rubbing elbows with celebrities and drinking hoity toity cocktails with my buds. It's weird.

Last night I attended an event for Bob Harper for Fit Bottomed Girls. (I'll talk more about that on FBG's site in March!) I talked with Bob for a bit, hugged, jumped and shared some FBG love with Jillian and got my fitness  talk on with a lovely dear. (Apparently I must try a bar method class and some Brazilian class that promises to make me bootylicious. I'm down!)

Get this...I met Jeremiah from Rachel Zoe! THE Jeremiah...THE cutie patooty decorating phenom who was talented enough to get Jersey to plop down on the couch beside me and actually watch the dang show. He's just as cute in person and just as genuine. He sat and talked with Jersey, the Loverchinis and I for a good half hour. I was totally geeking the freak out.

Sometimes when I am in the same room as celebrities I feel super duper small and insignificant. I catch myself growing smaller while they're lucky stardom grows ever larger in the room. Just hard for me to see people living out my dreams that close to me, ya know? I didn't feel that at all last night, though.

I was just me...doing my job for FBG and having a good time in the process. Had one too many glasses of the Prosecco I think.(My head is now pounding!) but mentally I left feeling like I got just the good energy necessary to keep me pushing towards my dreams.

Not all of Hollywood is mean, shallow and self-obsessed!


  1. Sounds to me like you had a blast! I can't wait to see what you and the FBG's have for all of us!!

  2. You'll love it...

    Prepare thyself! Mwahahaha

  3. i totally feel ya - i work from home too, and regularly find myself in my morning yoga clothes all day long. lol

    that party sounds awesome, btw. what a cool event to be able to attend!

    glad i found your blog today via fit bottomed girls - i'm your newest follower


  4. Thanks for stumbling upon this blog 'o mine Cailen!

    Do you also not brush your teeth until noon? (I'm a dirty minx)


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