Had a good, fun run yesterday. I jogged by rows and rows of actor's trailers all lined up along the path. Big dressing rooms that I assume belong to Amy Poehler. (I saw them shooting some Parks and Rec the other day.)

So close...

When I was in college I used to run around a high school track every day. Each time I'd want to quit I'd think to myself if you can just put in one more lap it means you really want this...or if you put in one more lap you'll make it. I'd do all kinds of mental mind tricks in order to complete those miles...and they'd all involve acting and the dream and getting the dream and deserving the dream...

Now I'm running and thinking of my dream in a whole new way. Funny how much changes and how much doesn't change at all.


  1. This post is bringing me peace... <3

  2. Out of everyone who could have read this, I'm glad you did. ♥


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