Whoa is Incendiary a hard one!

Don't know if you've read Little Bee, but if you have then you're more than familiar with the dark side of Mr. Cleaves' work. The doom and gloom definitely pops up, but this time he brings that biting English humor that makes my butt twitch so much it starts to hurt.

I swear I want to give Chris Cleaves a hug. He needs it...and then he needs to go see a therapist to see if his reoccuring themes have something to do with his personal life.

Themes you'll need to be cool with: women who like to cheat for simple reasons and death. Lots and lots of death!!!

You'll also need to get on board with the lingo, slang, jibber jab pretty darn quickly. If you can handle all of that then you're golden.

It took a bit, but I grew to like the book. It's hard for me to embrace books that are dark and heavy usually. (I use book time to unwind, travel to a better place, imagine something lovely...) That being said, this guy has to be a good writer in order to win my eyeballs over.

That being written, I give it two eyeballs. I shall have good things to say come book club time.


  1. Im 50 pages in and I love it. Can't wait to discuss.

  2. Our heroine for this book is feisty! Knew you'd like her :)


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