Improv Alternative

Sooo my improv partner had to cancel (which made me soooo very happy!) It gave me the time after my workout to hit up some stores looking for stuff for an event I'm attending tomorrow night.

I was looking for these bad boys:

yellow-toed happy joy joy!

No luck, though. I swear there's a frickin' conspiracy lurking out there in the world. Someone truly hates women with big feet so that powerful person punishes us by never having our sizes. I'm an 11. Yes, it's big. Is it Andre the Giant big? Nooooo!

You'd think with all the tall, corn fed folks in Middle Earth and the Amazon/Glamazon models of NY they'd make more 10+ sizes.

Hmph. I had to go home and order those babies online. They won't be ready for the event, but they'll be here in time for my weekend adventures to come.

Pelvic thrusts for the perfect yellow flat. I have been looking for you for over a year now...and there you go popping up for under thirty smackaroos!

Makes me want to bite my lower lip and let it tremble a bit...Finding shoes is SO hard for me so when I do scope a size 10.5/11 I buy...I buy even if those puppies are stupid expensive. Then I have to wear them for YEARS until they fall off my feet because I'm frugal and weird about getting my money's worth.


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