Improv 101

Here's an acting little tid bit for you: I've never taken an improv class. Nope. Not one and it's a tid bit important for the career.

Dara is my pal from junior high/ high school who has always been involved (and excelled) in all things theater. I remember watching her back in the day. She was really good and so when she told me she knew of a place that offered free classes I knew I had to go with her...for the sake of acting.

It was TERRIFYING though. I don't know what it is about me and groups of throwing my acting out there for the world to judge...but I get all weird. The palms sweat, the bubble guts gurgle in my tummy and I turn into a hot mess.

My nails are little stubs now. I click and rip at them when things are scary. Messed up that personal manicure for nothing, though because the class was fun.

It helped that Dara was there and she's energetic and open and totally up for good laughs. She'd set the tone for the group of newbies and then we'd go in and then do our thing. (My friend Moon was there with date!)

I'll more than likely go back with her. I think it would be fun to open up that hemisphere of my brain...get the goofy side tickin' and a'tockin'.

Crazy, but I think I would have chickened out and not gone had it not been for this pinterest pic I found with a Mother Teresa quote. It reminded me that I may have been scared and insecure, but to do it anyways...

I did it and got a couple of laughs out the deal.

Tish 1, life trying to beat the dream out of me, 0.


  1. Yay for branching out and getting some needed (and out-of-the-box) training!
    Where did you go?

  2. Couldn't tell you the name. Already forgot. It's really close to my place though...If interested I'll get the details when they send me the email.


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