I Don't Know How She Does It

Last night J and I watched I Don't Know How She Does It--a flick starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Consensus from the jury: We liked it!!!

I was sooo expecting to see a little Carrie Bradshaw pop out. Nope. No Carrie.

I was expecting we'd get some whackadoo Aesop's Fable that would leave us rocking in a corner because we'd learn women really couldn't have it all (career, fam bam, cool husband who's free of smartie pants comments because he's butt hurt you haven't made him the mini god of the family). Nope. No Aesop's Fable.

The writing was good, hopeful and cheery for sure, but it wasn't cheesy over-the-top. It was just a feel-good flick; perfect for a night in with a gal pal. I loved her outfits (totally not Carrie-esque, remember!)

Greg Kinnear is still cute as a button. Pierce Brosnan is still the hottest grandpa to walk the face of the Earth and the actress who played Momo was hilarious and reminded me A LOT of my pal in Chicago, Laura. Uncanny personality similarities... lol

I dig. Recommend it. Watch it.


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